Curious to know that what is a selfie stick? Don’t worry and keep reading!

A selfie stick is a monopod used to take pictures of one’s self. It is commonly used with cameras set up on tripods, but it can also be used for mobile phones.

The stick usually extends between 1 to 3.5 feet (30 to 100 cm) long and its design usually incorporates a button or trigger grip near the top so that the device can be held with the other hand.

It will also usually have a timer of about 2 seconds so that the photo can be taken when everyone is in their place.

The selfie stick was invented by Alfred Carpenter and it is marketed by his company, Stickman Enterprises Ltd. The device’s patent has long expired, making it legal for others to carry the same or similar device. Some other notable selfie sticks are the Quik Pod, Mobile Monkey and The Handler (selfie stick).

Types Of Selfie Sticks

There are multiple types of selfie sticks, these are

Wired Selfie Stick

Simply connect it to your device and take photos from a distance by pressing the trigger button available on the handle of the selfie stick.

Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Connect wirelessly to your mobile phone via bluetooth, you can use this type of selfie sticks with both Android and iPhone devices.

Motorized Selfie Stick

These are automated selfie sticks that can be controlled with an app on your cell phone and these types of selfie sticks don’t require you to use your hands as it extends, rotates and the shutter button can be triggered with a single touch.

Phone Selfie Stick

These types of sticks are designed for specific cell phones models, so check if the phone fits in before buying.

Tripod with Built-in-Camera

This is a combination of a camera and selfie stick, this is preferred as it has both the features together.  This type also gives more stabilization than normal selfie sticks.

Double Arm Extension

These types of selfie sticks have two arms extending from the main body which can be folded or extended individually to allow for wider shots or group photos. Some of these can also be rotated to give a wider angle for the shots.

Quik Pod

These are underwater selfie sticks that are used to capture pictures or videos underwater, this is specially designed and made for taking photos underwater and not on land, as they will not work on the land.  The Quik Pod has won the “Best Product of the year award” in 2015.

Why To Use A Selfie Stick?

There are multiple reasons why to use a selfie stick, they are:

Produces Clear Images

A selfie stick allows the camera to be placed at a greater distance from the subject matter, which increases its field of view. The increased field of view will produce clearer shots compared to holding the camera directly in your hand. As it reduces strain on arms and hands, your shots are bound to be more steady and clear.

Reduces The Effects of Shaky Hands

When you hold your camera in hand, it is bound to shake due to muscle fatigue, which will affect the quality of your shots. A selfie stick reduces these shakes as you don’t have to physically hold your device when taking a snap.

Taking Shots Easier

A selfie stick can extend your camera to a distance where you couldn’t place it when using the hand-held method. This greatly reduces the amount of time spent re-adjusting your position for different angles.

Limited in Movements

Selfie sticks give you greater flexibility in taking pictures as compared to holding your camera in your hand. This means that you can take pictures from a higher level, reach further to get wider shots of the background, or move around more freely without tripping over anything, all while reducing blurriness and keeping your device steady.

More Fun

Using a selfie stick means that you are free to be as creative as you can be with photography, instead of being restricted by the limits your body imposes on camera positioning.

Wider View

There is no way that you can take a full body shot without one, as it gives you more flexibility in camera position for whatever you are taking pictures of.

Better Than Your Hand

You’re more likely to get a steady shot with a selfie stick than you are when using your arm and hands. If you invest in a high-quality model that is easy and intuitive to use, you won’t even have to spend time figuring out how it works or getting used to it before.

How do You Make A Selfie?

Find someone who can take a good picture of you, which is difficult if you aren’t photogenic! Exaggerate your best features: big smile, good hair day, wearing sunglasses on a sunny day; and maybe even get someone to hold a card with your name written in small letters so that the viewer knows who they’re looking at.

Hold your phone out in front of you, or if you have an actual camera then use it as well; unless you want to look like Bigfoot.

So remember, whenever your next Selfie Day is, use your selfie stick!


With so many options available today it’s possible to find something that fits your needs and budget. While some of them may seem gimmicky at first glance, they can be very useful for someone trying to capture that perfect shot. From extended reach, different angles, and built-in flashes to name a few. Make sure you get the right selfie stick depending on your needs and sometimes it’s good to go with a well known brand so you can be assured of their quality, even if they are more expensive.