Vlog ideas

Vlog Ideas!

Your channel introduction

Introduction of your channel is a creative idea; you can introduce your channel to all of your audience who is new to the track. This will increase people interest in your channel and eventually more subscribers and followers.

Question answer session

Big or small every one of us have an audience, and they want to know about us, they have some questions to ask, this is a good idea to post a Q&A on your channel, and you can vlog on that answering those questions.

Invite celeberties on your vlog

People love to listen to their Favirout personality, let’s say you are a food blogger; inviting a famous chef can increase your audience’s interest in your vlogs.

let your fellows join you

Usually, when people watch you vlogging, they don’t know what is behind it, how much effort it takes to create a good piece of content and show them how these videos are made how much effort it takes to create a good part of the content.

Tutorial videos

Have some friends with benefits, you can collaborate with your fellow bloggers to create some vlogs, and it will help grow both of you.

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Project videos

If you are good at something, you can take a fare advantage; let’s say you can show your audience how to clean your laptop, or even fix a lens.

Honest Reviews of items

While you are purchasing things for yourself, why not make a review of it and share it on your channel? it will help you grow your audience and let them get InTouch with you

Share your challenges

You can ask your audience about something like planning to gift your girlfriend a ring, you can ask your audience about it, and you won’t believe, there are many keyboard warriors out there who are ready to give you some useful suggestions.

Educate your audience

If you are a human who you are, you must face some issues in life, share your challenges with your audience, and surely help you out in your problems.

Share your hotel experience

You can share your hotel stay experience, how different types of hotels treat their customers and review their services.

Make a combo of your videos

All of us who vlogs have some trash video clips can combine those clips and make them one big video to show your audience what happens behind this channel.

Shoe Review

If you are like me a shoe lover, you can show your audience your shoe collection and every time you buy a new pair of shoes you can show your audience your new shoe

Show your moves

Every one of us has some moves that are our personal, some hacks and some tricks; you can show your audience those tricks.

Show your interests

If you got interested in something that everyone has told your audience about them and let them know what you like and what you don’t like, it would create a 2-side communication.

Your story of motivation

You can tell your audience about your story of motivation, how it all started. What things motivated you to start vlogging or any other reason you can say to them was your incentive to buy a car.

Share your photography

If you are a Vlogger, you are most likely also into photography, so you can make a slideshow of your clicked photos and let your audience rate that for you!

Book reading

You can read a book with your audience to start sharing one page or one chapter daily. This will help you keep the interest of your audience with you.

Show your tricks

You can show your audience your tricks; everyone has some that is for sure, you have to recognize them and then share them with your audience.

Teach something

If you are into vlogging, you must know how to edit videos, so you can teach your audience how to edit videos you can make some cool transitions for them and share with them, this will let them feel right for you.

Photo editing tutorial

You can share some cool photo editing with your audience, and you can show them the before and after thing.

Sketching your favor out YouTuber

If you know good sketching, and if you don’t know how to sketch this is even better if you know how to draw then you can make a time-lapse or a complete video of yourself marking your Favirout person on the paper, on the other hand, if you don’t know how to sketch you can learn with your audience.

lucky draw

Everyone loves to have free things, you can set up a lucky draw on your channel that will surely increase your audience, and they will stay connected with you. you can give away anything like a phone or even a pair of shoes


Suppose you want to stay happy in your life. In that case, you have to celebrate every single moment of your life, you can celebrate your marriage anniversary if you are married and if not, you can celebrate your channel anniversary or anniversary of your parent’s wedding and vlog it.

The sunset and sunrise videos

You can get up early in the morning and shoot a time-lapse or a complete video of sunset and sunrise, these things are very relaxing and soul healing, you can also fire a night with stars or cloud.

Introduce your friends in a vlog

All of us have friends; you can introduce them with your audience and let them be in your vlogs, increasing your circle and audience.

Q and A video

You can make a q and a video, let your audience whatever they want to ask and then, in a vlog you can answer all of their questions

Gym vlog

If you are going to the gym or into bodybuilding, you can vlog it; you can show them your workout and even get some tips from your audience.

Your phone intro sharing

You can share with your audience what phone you are using and what apps you like to use on your phone, are you an android user or an iPhone user

Share a tour of your apartment

You can make a complete tour of your house/building/apartment/ office and share that with your audience, in this way they will know how and where you live

Share your daily routine

You can make a complete tour of your house/building/apartment/ office and share that with your audience, in this way they will know how and where you live.

Share your goals

You can share your goals with your audience; you can make some short-term and long-term goals. And ask your audience if they are real and achievable, you can also let them suggest your refinements in those goals.

Singsong for your audience

You can try singing songs for your audience, even if you are not good at singing, you can try it because people love to listen to real original voices which are very rare on YouTube.

Movie reviews

You can review a movie, if you have watched a movie, you can create a vlog talking about that movie and your opinion about the film, and this would be better if you can give a lesson from that movie

Vlog about the way of life

Everyone is stressed these days, showing how to handle stress and manage things in your life is an essential topic for a vlog; this will give your audience an idea about life and its complexities

Share your Wishlist

Every one of us has a wish list, some of us have more significant, and some of us have smaller, share your wish lists with your audience, let’s say you want to purchase a BMW, share it with your audience tell them why you want to buy it, what what are the ways you are taking to get that

Tell them a horror story

Like every one of us has a horror story to tell, whether it was of some ghost or when you were expelled from college, you can share that story with your audience, tell them how you faced that moment and how you got into that thing, and how you finally got out of that situation

Your reason for life

All of us have a reason to get a longer life; we have something to tell on behalf of which we say yes, this is the thing I want to live for. Make a vlog of that thing and share it with your audience

Travelling history

If you are into travelling you can share your Favirout travel destinations with your audience you can tell them where you want to travel and why to make some plans with your audience, you can also plan a meetup with your audience

Travel guide

You can make a complete guide for someone travelling; you can tell them what things are essential and what to keep and what to not, it will help them make their travelling easy and more enjoyable

Road trip essentials

You can make a vlog about the essentials for a good road trip and tell your audience how to check your car before gaining a road trip. And what are the requirements things you must have in your bag while going on a road trip

The best music for a road trip

You can share a complete list of music with your audience that they can play on a road trip

How to cook on a rod trip

You can share how to cook unique and delicious foods on a road trip, food is the most important thing that we need on a road trip, and if that is not good, we may not enjoy the journey that much

How to vlog a trip

You are a professional, and you know how to vlog, but a person who is just starting things out he doesn’t know where to start and how-to vlog a trip can show them how to vlog a journey as enjoy that on the same time

Gaming setup tour

You can share a tour of your gaming setup, what pc are you using, your computer’s specifications, and why you have chosen them

Games suggestions

You can give your audience a game suggestion, what games they should play and why what games you like to play and on top of that you can also make some tutorials how to pass some difficult parts of that game

Play with your audience

These days there are many multi-player games, and they are pretty good, you can create a room and start playing with your audience you can match with them and play with them, they will enjoy it and, in the result, they will eventually share that with their friends and on their Facebook wall

Gamming tricks

You can share some tricks and tips about a particular game, like for instance, say its pubg; you can share how to block the bridge without letting your enemy know about it. Usually, the beginner players are most likely searching for that, and once they find your channel, they will stick to it

Gamming hacks

Okay, I know that’s not good, but people are search online for game hacks, so if you know it you can show it to people like I know how to hack pubg on PC, you can make a tutorial about it. Make sure you are not teaching something harmful to anyone

Upcoming games notification

You can tell your audience about what new games are coming, their features, and share your review about them, tell your audience what minimum pc specs they need to play those games

Game Tutorials

You can ask your audience to submit how many pushups they can do; they will present their videos of pushups, and then you can create a compilation of those videos and announce the 1st second and third

Game Glitches Compilation

If you have done some challenging workout in the past and had a transformation you can share that with your audience. you can share your before and after transformation pictures and tell them how you could do that.

Speedrun Video

If you have a nutrition friend you can collaborate with him and offer a free diet plan for your audience, anyone who wants to get a diet plan can tell you, and you are good to go

Fitness & Health

If you have good health, everyone wants to know what you eat daily, so it would be an excellent idea to share your daily diet routine with your audience and let them know how you prepare your foods

Pushup compilation

If you are bodybuilding, you must be taking protein shakes to review them and tell your audience which one is best

Share your old and new body

You can give your audience some lessons about doing a specific workout like chest workout, arms workout, and back workout; you can make separate playlists.

Free diet plans

You can give your audience yoga lessons that are important for stress release and better body posture

Daily eating schedule

You can share some tricks to handle your home in a better and more comfortable way, like managing your clothes, managing your laundry, and managing your food while keeping it on a lower side of the budget

Protein shakes review

If you are into sports and like to comment on different games, you can do it for your audience too, like if we have a football match, you can share with your audience which team is your Favirout and why you can also comment on the game its self