All thanks to the media and the internet entertainers have found new ways to get to our screens every day. Anyone one anywhere with great skills and talents can be a part of the fastest growing media platforms. They can write, play, produce, and share the creativity they have in their minds.

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Vlogging is one the fastest growing strategy of sharing content on the internet. One can be a student, a parent, or anyone with passion, a creative mind, and a few gadgets to accommodate. Platforms like, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are where they start and showcase their skills.

Why Is It So Popular Among The New Generation?

Vlogging sounds like a fun and productive way of being your boss and yet still being on the media somehow. From the marketing point of view, vlogging is a great way to promote and highlight your brand’s services and your products the way you desire.

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If you don’t own a brand, having a certain number of followers or subscribers can help you get paid promotions. You can learn the 12 tips for better vlogging in this article if you keep reading.

The era we are living in is more about technology and the internet, we all are spending our time on our phones rather than in our living rooms or libraries.

We find visual representations catchier and understanding than written notes and fliers. And let’s face it is always easy to explain something by gestures and verbally than just writing it down. Vlogging has been taking over the entertainment media by providing us with virtual representations and much more.

How To Make Your Vlogging Game Stronger?

You might know the algorithm and rules around the platform you are using for your vlogging, yet there are a few tips and tricks that can make your vlogging game stronger and better day by day. Further in the article, we will be talking about the 12 tips to make a good vlog.

Keeping Up With The Original Content

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The first and foremost thing is to know what makes your content interesting and worth watching. The key to attract the audience is what you need to keep up with. you need to always keep your audience entertained. You need to be creative and need to figure out ways you make your vlogs worth watching.

Plan Better Every Day

If you want to grow more and better in the vlogging industry, all you need to do is to plan more and better about what you are going to vlog and edit. This way you are always on top of your schedule and your life feels like more planned out and balanced on the other hand.

Promoting Your Ideas

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What the top vloggers have found as a new strategy is that they promote what they are about to post, this brings in more interest and gives the viewers something to wait for. It creates more interest in the audience. Creating a little hype around your next activity helps you get higher ratings and searches when they watch it.

Fit The Frame

Self-shooting sometimes does mean bad angles and not so good adjusting the cameras. Using a tripod or balancing the frame to fit your view better is more important. This way you capture better, usually, the cameras have the grid features and are easy to bring out flattering angles. In simple be clear and aware of the bad angles.

Collaborating With Other Vloggers

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Collaborating is the easiest way to traffic subscribers or followers to both the beneficiary accounts. Collaborating for Vlogs is simple and mutually beneficial. Not only that you also get to know more people from the vlogging community. Creating a bigger circle in this field is like getting more viewers.

Find Better And Catchy Music

Disturbing music behind the scenes can always be a pain to your ears. The key factor to good and proper vlogging is a good taste in music. But be aware you might have to spend hours and hours searching for the right music for your video but still not feel good. Other than just a good taste you must be aware of the “Copyright Sounds”.

Be Punctual With Posting

How did we not mentioned that at the beginning, where this is what gets you to the famous world fast. Subscribers are always eager to know what and when you are about to post, and keeping them guessing may lead to loss of interest one day. It is better to announce days of posting and promote what you are about to post on your social media accounts to gain more attention each day.

Keep Up With The Video Quality

shaky and low-quality videos are usually not what the audience would like to watch or be entertained with. practice recording and watching yourself back to back to avoid the issue.

Engage Your Audience

by engaging with your audience we mean to bond. Doing an FAQ video is a great way to know what they want to learn about you and they also get the best out of it.

Take Over Some Trending Challenges

challenges are a great way to excite the audience. Taking trending challenges is more about being spontaneous and courageous. Also, you get shoutouts from which brings in a lot of attention to your account or channel.

Give Out Gifts

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now, giving out gits is a way of showing love to your followers. The ones who brought you into the limelight and made you who you are. It does not need to be a special occasion you can always collaborate with other accounts for gift baskets and choose the lucky winners.

Stick To Your Goal

why did you start blogging? You need to keep up with the reason and stay on track. Your vlogging strategies and goals are what make you different from the others.

Stick to who you are, in the end, the only thing that makes you unique and different from any other vlogger is yourself. Stay authentic and stay relevant. These were the top 12 tips to make a good vlog hope you learned a lot from it.


Daily vlogging worth it?

When you vlog on a daily basis it makes you an expert in the game and also improves your editing and filming skills. It will be easy to edit any video.

Vlogging on a daily basis may be a fun or entertaining activity for you and fond of memory.

How to get better at vlogging?

You should get better at vlogging by following these instructions:

  • Find interesting content
  • Watch trends 
  • Always be in contact with other experts
  • Practice talking to yourself
  • Your introduction should be captivating
  • Feel good music
  • Post on a daily basis

How to edit a vlog video?

For editing a vlog video we have some guidelines for you:

  • Sign up or log in to any editor
  • Select screen size
  • Select the specific file
  • Manage the video timeline
  • You may add text or logo
  • Add background music
  • At the end download your video