Ok, you have started Vlogging/YouTube and now you are blank. You don’t know what are the q&a questions that you ask from your audience.

No worries!

We got your back! We have more than 900+ questions that you can ask from people and get some exiting answers. There were million of questions that we collected but here are some of the best q and a questions. 

we have divided into some portions so that you can get the exact type of questions you want!

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Q&A Questions for YouTube

q&a questions by thevloggingtech.com
  1. Have you ever done scooba diving?
  2. What is your best skill?
  3. Do you sleep while watching movies?
  4. How long can you kiss?
  5. Do you like dark colours or light colours?
  6. Do you smile even if you got into a road accident?
  7. What is your favorite superhero?
  8. Does playboy attract girls?
  9. Have you ever thought, how would you die?
  10. Do you like cosy bed and blanket?
  11. Do you have a sketch of yours?
  12. Do you believe in stars?
  13. Do you like girls in short dresses?
  14. How many times in your life were you totally out of money?
  15. Do you love cash or credit card?
  16. Are you a dumb person? Is be realistic?
  17. Do you get jealous of other people?
  18. What notes do you like in a perfume?
  19. Give a piece of advice to parents?
  20. Do you properly go on holidays or keep sleeping?
  21. Can you dance without music?
  22. Can you sleep with the light turned on?
  23. Are you a boss or an employee?
  24. Do you take your medication correctly?
  25. Are you a quick learner?
  26. Can you Gay a plan?
  27. Are you a person who forgive others?
  28. How you get rid of your boring day?
  29. If we’re an animal, what animal you want to be?
  30. Do you love to watch documentaries?
  31. What do you do when you are alone?
  32. Are your friends happy with you?
  33. What is your favorite traditional food?
  34. Do you wake up early in the morning?
  35. Do you own a company?
  36. Do you like to clean the dishes?
  37. Are you good at chemistry?
  38. Do you know the gesture language?
  39. Have you ever narrated a book to someone?
  40. Can you live in the desert for one week without a phone?
  41. Do you think shoes size and size of men have some correlation?
  42. Do you remember a time when saying goodbye was not easy?
  43. When was the last time you were in a hilly area?
  44. If you were an actor, what role you have chosen?
  45. Tell me a movie name replacing a with z?
  46. When you first came to know’ babies are not delivered by farries?
  47. Do you like to give others compliments?
  48. Do you like pranks?
  49. How often you get a new haircut?
  50. What shoes brand you like the most?
  51. What is your dog’s name?
  52. Which type of books do you like to read?
  53. What will you gift your dad if you have a lot of money?
  54. What is the biggest thing you achieve in your life till now?
  55. What is your favorite football team?
  56. Do you have a secret tattoo?
  57. Can you give me your number?
  58. Do you play games? If yes one the most?
  59. Do you love to ride bicycles?
  60. Do you show off?
  61. Do you like shorts or full dressing?
  62. When was the last time you went on a date?
  63. When was the last time you had breakfast in a distant place?
  64. Can you swim?
  65. Can you touch your elbow with your tongue?
  66. What type of computer games do you like?
  67. One thing that your friend always say about you?
  68. Is your mother a housewife?
  69. When was the last time you have constipation?
  70. How many cups of coffee you have daily?
  71. Do you know calligraphy?
  72. How much money can make you happy?
  73. Have you ever travelled without a ticket?
  74. Do you like peacock wings?
  75. Do you feel guilty when you do something wrong?
  76. Do you like to eat food that was cooked last week?
  77. Can you tell me what the most expensive actor in the world is?
  78. When was the 1st time you drove a car alone?
  79. Do you wish to have a big house?
  80. Do you love the army? If yes which department?
  81. Are you a hen person or an egg person?
  82. Are you a science lover?
  83. What excites you the most?
  84. Do you have any valentine?
  85. Who is your Favorite player?
  86. Can you cook pasta?
  87. Do you have height phobia?
  88. Are there some words that are difficult for you to pronunciation?
  89. Do you own a building?
  90. Would you let your abs go for a cheat year?
  91. Do you remember the name of your grandmother?
  92. Do you like ice cream over tea?
  93. Have you planned a future for your child?
  94. Do you like surprises?
  95. Do you self-praise?
  96. What was the most challenging stage of your life?
  97. Do you like to debate?
  98. How much Netflix you watch?
  99. If you can get rid of one thing from your Life what it would be?
  100. What is your biggest fear?
  101. What is the most irritating thing you have to face on the road?
  102. What is the best memory with your family?
  103. What is the most expensive thing you have eaten till today?
  104. Do you like Doritos or pringles?
  105. Tell me something very secret about you?
  106. Do you know how to drive a car?
  107. Tell me a short story?
  108. What you do when you are stressed out?
  109. What is your dream salary?
  110. Do you think someone is superior to you and why?
  111. Do you have a garden in your home?
  112. Do your fake things?
  113. If can you to another planet on which planet will let you go?
  114. When was the last time you stayed in a 5-star hotel?
  115. What do you prefer? Orange juice or mango juice?
  116. What do you want to change in your life?
  117. Can your sale your kidney for $10 M
  118. If you got a chance to do something for your country, what will you do?
  119. Name the person who is always with you whatever the case is?
  120. What kind of music did you like?
  121. Do you like girls of higher age?
  122. Have you ever felt you are going to die right now?
  123. Do you have some ideas that you think you have thought?
  124. Tell me one thing about which you are outstanding?
  125. How many complete songs do you know?
  126. Can you click good photos?
  127. Can you go on a trip with a stranger?
  128. What is that one thing that irritates you daily?
  129. What is the best part of your career/job?
  130. Are you a sneaky person?
  131. What language do you want to learn if you have a chance to pick one?
  132. Do you have abs?
  133. Are you afraid of getting old?
  134. Are you a crazy person or a normal one’s breakfast?
  135. Can you drive a bus?
  136. How often you visit a bar?
  137. What would you prefer? If you can sing well or you can dance well?
  138. Can you draw your country flag?
  139. Do you know how to cook?
  140. Do you take supplements?
  141. Did you ever write a book?
  142. What do you think will you do after retirement?
  143. Are you in love with your family traditions?
  144. What is your Hight?
  145. Can you go to the graveyard alone at night?
  146. What word did you use much in your daily life?
  147. How many hours have you worked consistently?
  148. Do you know how to get rid of your fears?
  149. What do you think about what qualities should be in a person to be a right partner?
  150. Have you ever been invited to an international conference?
  151. Any friend who is too much food?
  152. Have you ever tried to draw something?
  153. One thing you flex about
  154. The most pathetic book you have ever read?
  155. What food makes you feel soo good?
  156. What is the 1st movie you ever saw in private?
  157. If you get a Genious? What will you ask?
  158. When was the last time you pee in a public pool?
  159. What is the biggest surprise you ever gave to someone?
  160. Do you listen to the news?
  161. Tell me one thing that you think about every day?
  162. How tall are you?
  163. Do you instantly regret to things you have done?
  164. What is your favorite singer?
  165. What do you have to say about cartoon physics?
  166. What is your favorite job?
  167. What are the most expensive shoes you own?
  168. Can you tell me the whole ABC?
  169. Do you love to go on hiking?
  170. When was the last time you felt sorry for something?
  171. What is that one thing that you look in everyone when you meet them 1st time?
  172. Have you ever kept long hairs? / shop hairs?
  173. What is the longest flight you have ever taken?
  174. What was your childhood hobby?
  175. Are you a hammer or nail person?
  176. Do you like fishes?
  177. What is the most expensive gift someone gave you?
  178. Are you brave?
  179. Are you mature enough do not to cry over your mistakes?
  180. Do you agree to go for higher studies like PhD?
  181. Can you drive 1000 miles alone?
  182. What is your favorite car?
  183. What are the things you love to outsource?
  184. Your mother’s 1st crush?
  185. Are you a judge person?
  186. Do you make wolf tattoos designs?
  187. Which brand do you like the most?
  188. How much can you count in 1 breath?
  189. Do you listen to the radio?
  190. Can you vlog?
  191. What is your dog’s name?
  192. Are you happy with your current life?
  193. Do you read WhatsApp status carefully?
  194. One thing that blows your mind instantly?
  195. Do you have a gaming pc?
  196. What cartoon character matches your nature?
  197. Are you afraid of the dark?
  198. Can you tell me the current time without a clock?
  199. Are you good at renaming your friends?
  200. Are you a muscular person?
  201. How much you pay for gas in a single month?
  202. If you were a singer which, type of singer you will like to be?
  203. Tell me one thing that makes you feel too vivid
  204. Do you like snow falling?
  205. Have you ever had love at 1st sight?
  206. Tell me the thing that makes you angry?
  207. Do you get into song when you listen to it?
  208. Can you trust your girlfriend?
  209. What is the weirdest thing you have done till now?

Q&A Personal Questions?

q&a questions by thevloggingtech.com
  1. How you celebrated your last birthday?
  2. Do you like to collect coins?
  3. What was your Favirout childhood game?
  4. What things make you sleep instantly?
  5. Any guess how long will’ you live?
  6. Do you count stars on the sky at night?
  7. Have you ever been to a live show?
  8. Do you own a printer?
  9. Have you ever got an autograph from a famous person?
  10. Are you a vegan?
  11. Are you afraid of lizard?
  12. Do you prefer SMS over a phone call?
  13. How did you tell someone good news?
  14. Do you like comedy movies?
  15. Tell me one truth that you have hidden from your parents?
  16. How many hours do you spend watching Netflix in a week?
  17. How much was your 1st gallery?
  18. Do you know how much cat food costs?
  19. Have you ever faced a lion?
  20. Who is your mentor?
  21. What age do you like the most?
  22. Do you know how many kids your neighbor has?
  23. Have you ever won a lottery?
  24. What is the name of your favorite teacher?
  25. Do you overreact to things?
  26. What is your goal for life?
  27. Do you snore while sleeping?
  28. Name a song that fits you the most?
  29. Do you love harry, potter?
  30. What is that once-secret nobody knows about you?
  31. Can you remember the 1st book you read by your choice?
  32. Do you spend much on yourself?
  33. Are your android user or iPhone user?
  34. Do you like tattoos?
  35. Do you pray daily?
  36. What do you prefer the most? Intelligence or looks?
  37. Do you control the TV remote?
  38. What is your favorite mountain?
  39. Is your house beautiful?
  40. Three things you never show to anyone?
  41. What is the color of your bedroom ceiling?
  42. How many kids will you have after getting married?
  43. Can you boil an egg?
  44. Can you leave your home without your phone?
  45. Any twins in your family?
  46. Do you eat raw vegetables?
  47. Do you like to have cash or money in the form of assets?
  48. Were you a latecomer in school?
  49. What dry fruit did you like the most?
  50. Day rider or a night rider?
  51. Can you embarrass someone in front of his girlfriend?
  52. In which field of life, you need much improvement?
  53. Are you a social person?
  54. Do you have any children?
  55. Do you like designer clothes? If yes, which is your favorite once?
  56. Do you believe in magic?
  57. What was the profession of your father?
  58. How often you care for your health?
  59. Do you hate pop music?
  60. Do you like listening to music while working out?
  61. Are your ideal of someone?
  62. Do you use Tok-tok?
  63. Are you interested in soccer?
  64. What body part of the opposite gender attracts you the most?
  65. Are you afraid of cockroaches?
  66. Are you addicted to games?
  67. How often you take a bath?
  68. Do you know how to drive a car?
  69. Do you like Asian dance?
  70. Did you use to copy in exams?
  71. Do you calculate your monthly expense?
  72. Did you break any rule in the last week?
  73. What is your big handle?
  74. How many times you have visited another country?
  75. How often you lie to others?
  76. Do you have a friend with hazel eyes?
  77. At what age you got a job?
  78. Are you a party boy?
  79. What is the most special moment of your life?
  80. Are you married?
  81. How many siblings do you have?
  82. Do you like pets?
  83. How many friends do you have?
  84. How good your anger management is? What part of the body you have pride off?
  85. Do you like rain or sunny day?
  86. For how many hours you can ride a bike consistently?
  87. Are you afraid of rats?
  88. Can you sketch?
  89. Do you wish to have a tattoo on your body?
  90. What is your favourite position to sleep?
  91. Do you try to overcome your fears?
  92. Do you have a vegetable farm or have you ever grown vegetables yourself?
  93. How much tax do you pay in a year?
  94. Do you love to watch horror movies?
  95. What you do when you don’t know what to write on google?
  96. When was the best holiday you enjoyed?
  97. Can you kill someone for money?
  98. What is the dumbest thing you did in your childhood?
  99. Have you ever been in a trap?
  100. Have you ever been arrested?
  101. Do you like acting?
  102. Are you an iPhone user?
  103. Which pizza flavor you like the most
  104. Have you ever peed on the bed?
  105. Have you ever run out of gas on highway?
  106. What advice will you give to your younger siblings?
  107. What is your blood group?
  108. Do you listen to music while driving?
  109. Dave, you ever got your hand burnt?
  110. Do you change your clothes when you get back home?
  111. Wo you follow trends regularly?
  112. A person who can refuse you instantly?
  113. What is your last used emojis?
  114. Do you wear watches?
  115. Do you have any savings?
  116. How many people did you date at a single time?
  117. How many chin-ups can do you?
  118. Have you ever lost more than 10kg in weight?
  119. When was the last time you had a sunbath?
  120. Do you remember the movie dialogues?
  121. Do you repeat the movies you love?
  122. Do you play with your kids?
  123. Have you ever seen a dead body alone?
  124. Do you love your dad or mom the most?
  125. Can you how much hairs you have on your head?
  126. Do you live SUV or sedan?
  127. London or Paris? Which one is your favorite?
  128. Are your parents still together?
  129. Would you like to go back in time? If yes where?
  130. Are you, a virgin?
  131. What is the colour of your car?
  132. Do you think dentists are way too expensive for what they are doing?
  133. What is your Favirout chocolate?
  134. Do you have your virtual world in your mind?
  135. Do you know how to climb a tree?
  136. Do you love to get greeting cards?
  137. Do you eat your nails?
  138. What was your 1st paycheck?
  139. Have you ever saw a ghost?
  140. Does eye contact affect your confidence level?
  141. How much do you use google for help?
  142. What is that one thing that you wish you could change about yourself?
  143. Do you worry about the future?
  144. Do books leave an impact on you?
  145. How often you predict about the thing?
  146. How much debt you have right now?
  147. For how much time you can sit idle?
  148. Can you swim in a deep ocean?
  149. According to you, what is the best profession to choose?
  150. Do you owe somebody 100k?
  151. Is there any place where you want to go, but the people there don’t like you?
  152. Can you tell me your name in Chinese?
  153. What thing fears you the most?
  154. Do you like swings?
  155. One thing that you haven’t tried but you wish you can try that?
  156. Do you postpone things to the next day?
  157. Do you like to go to a dance party?
  158. What is that one skill that you want you were good at?
  159. What is the dish you can cook better than you all family?
  160. What colour do you hate the most?
  161. Last time you bald your head?
  162. Name a friend that is cute but boring at the same time
  163. What is your favorite accent?
  164. Do you complain about your job and why?
  165. Do you have an eye on your sister?
  166. Have you ever purchased a condom?
  167. Do you love the army? If yes which, department?
  168. Ever been into the police station?
  169. Tell me one thing that you think is correct, but no one other agrees with you?
  170. What is the worst thing you remember about your childhood?
  171. What if you have to set your name? What it’s would be?
  172. Will to tell your grandson your stories?
  173. Are you open to change people?
  174. Are you rich in inheritance?
  175. Are you a man of words or a man of deeds?
  176. Do you have siblings?
  177. Are you a theoretical person or a practical person?
  178. Do you use your phone in the washroom?
  179. Have you ever burnt money by mistake?
  180. Have you been to university?
  181. Can you play cards?
  182. Ever had a crush on your teacher?
  183. Do you like practical jokes?
  184. What you select from truth or dare and why?
  185. At what age you got your 1st cell phone?
  186. Do you like morning sunshine?
  187. Do people agree with your decision mostly or not?
  188. What is the best thing you can buy for the money?
  189. Have you ever won a lottery?
  190. Will you wish to become a hacker or a nice guy?
  191. Do you enjoy being in tall buildings?
  192. Ever eaten raw chicken?
  193. Do you have any bad habit?
  194. Do you have friends that borrow a thing from you and then never return?
  195. What jeans brand you like the most?
  196. Which is the source of transport you have used the most?
  197. Do you like to work under someone?
  198. Do you get angry fast?
  199. What workout makes you tired?
  200. What is your inspiration for life?
  201. Do you listen to podcasts?
  202. Do you want to get back with your ex?
  203. Do you love to hear high bass songs?
  204. What max thing you can do for a promotion?
  205. What if you win a lottery? How will you tell your family?
  206. What is your biggest collection?
  207. Do you wish to own an island?
  208. Do you think AI will reduce jobs in future?
  209. How many jobs you are currently doing?
  210. Are you afraid of talking to too many people at the same time?
  211. Do you regret after purchasing the wrong products?
  212. Are you soft in naturally?
  213. What is the best thing to discuss when you are with your friends?
  214. Can you mow your lawn?
  215. Do you own a car?
  216. When was the last time you pranked someone?
  217. Can you bake a cake?
  218. Do you like expensive shoes?
  219. Can you tell me what is the date today?
  220. Do you know how watermelon grows?
  221. Anything you regret doing in your life?
  222. How long you plan before starting anything?
  223. Do you like bright lights or dim lights?
  224. How much pocket money you get when you were a child?
  225. What is your worst memory of your 1st date?
  226. Do you remember “A Thirsty Crow?”
  227. Do you pack things when going on a trip?
  228. If you get a chance to live anywhere in the whole world, where would you prefer to live?
  229. One thing you don’t want to share with anyone?
  230. Do you have a couple of goals?
  231. how long you can stay away from your home?
  232. Have you ever run without paying the bill after eating food?
  233. Can you sleep while driving?
  234. Do you like sand or snow?
  235. Do you watch films with subtitles?
  236. Are you a good convincer?
  237. Do you have a passive income source?
  238. What one refines in society you want right now?
  239. What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought?
  240. Do you wear old fashion clothes?
  241. How often you read books?
  242. Do you like playdates?
  243. Do you like superman or spiderman?
  244. Do you have any broken bones?
  245. How many hours do you sleep daily?
  246. Are you a foodie? Name your foodie friends?
  247. Do you have any relative which, is a famous person?
  248. What if you were a snail?
  249. Are you an affluent person?
  250. Are you afraid of deep water?
  251. Can you sleep in a poultry farm?
  252. Do you remember how you enjoyed your Halloween 10 years back?
  253. Do you own a page on Facebook?
  254. When you 1st fell from a bike/cycle?
  255. Do you know your cultural dance?
  256. When was the last time you got out of your senses after drinking too much?
  257. Do you love eating food on rooftops?
  258. Do you like collecting art pieces?
  259. Have you ever slept for 24 hours?
  260. Can you go out on a walk without proper dressing?
  261. Sing national anthem for me

Q&A Questions for Youtube

q&a questions by thevloggingtech.com
  1. What do you prefer most? Yoga or gym?
  2. How many tables do you know?
  3. What is the cutest animal you have ever seen?
  4. Have you ever seen your father crying?
  5. How often you listen to the radio?
  6. Do you like baby boys or baby girls?
  7. Do you Believe in magic?
  8. Do you remember that moment when you made your parents proud of you?
  9. Do you decorate your home by hand?
  10. Are you interested in politics?
  11. At what age you tried to cook something yourself?
  12. Do you like to dance when you shampoo your hair?
  13. What is your Favirout coffee shop?
  14. What do you prefer? Money or IQ?
  15. What is the best time to go for a walk?
  16. Do you care about the ending or you start things and let it go with the flow?
  17. What is your Favirout fruit?
  18. How many questions did you answer me correctly?
  19. Name the person you hate coming to your house?
  20. Have you ever committed a crime and got escape?
  21. Do you try to cram songs?
  22. Do you have some goals to fulfil?
  23. Can you speak French?
  24. Do you follow back people on Instagram?
  25. Do you believe in black and white?
  26. What perfume do you like the most?
  27. Do you get embarrassed quickly?
  28. Do you see yourself in the mirror and praise yourself?
  29. Do you know how to jump-start a car?
  30. Do you like to wear a wristwatch?
  31. Do you do charity?
  32. Can you wear strange outfits to make your friends laugh?
  33. How often do you fast?
  34. Can you change your car tires?
  35. What is your hobby?
  36. Are you romantic?
  37. Do you love to live in green places?
  38. How many followers you have on Instagram?
  39. What is the most critical thing in a day that you do?
  40. What will you choose? $1 each day or $500k at once?
  41. What do you love to eat when you are depressed?
  42. Do you have the 1st gift given by your boy/girlfriend?
  43. Do you do weird things when you are sad?
  44. Have you ever saw your father crying?
  45. What you hate the most about your ride?
  46. Do you believe in luck?
  47. Have you ever been admitted to the hospital?
  48. Which is your Favirout football team?
  49. Do you love the smell of nail paint?
  50. Do you make your own words in a debate to show other your authority?
  51. At what age you learned how to ride a bike?
  52. Do you set your food in combinations with others?
  53. Do you like the rain?
  54. Are you tired right now?
  55. How do you wish your brother on your birthday?
  56. Dave you ever stuck in the rain without an umbrella?
  57. How many awards did you win in your life?
  58. Do you like Soft drinks or Hard drinks?
  59. Wow, old are your grandparents?
  60. Do you know any other language other than your native language?
  61. Do you believe in god?
  62. List your three qualities?
  63. Can you play snooker?
  64. Are you a down to earth person?
  65. When was the last time your luck was with you to get you out of Some problematic situation?
  66. Are you a mom or dad?
  67. Have you ever carried a baby for an entire day?
  68. How often you eat junk food?
  69. Ever came across someone who is the exact copy of you?
  70. Do you hug your pillow while sleeping?
  71. Do you live in your neighborhood?
  72. One thing you hate about yourself?
  73. How many times do you change your clothes per day?
  74. Are you a slow driver or a fast driver?
  75. Do you like your sons or daughters?
  76. How many languages can you speak fluently?
  77. How many times a day you brush your teeth?
  78. Do you fill your gas tank wholly or partially?
  79. Do you love roses?
  80. How many relationships you had in the past?
  81. Do you like to kiss someone on the street or do it in a room?
  82. What car you have right now?
  83. Name the person who can swear for you?
  84. What is the favorite part of your job?
  85. One thing you want to change in your body?
  86. Name one person who you want to travel to?
  87. Do you think couples made in heaven?
  88. What type of dance did you like?
  89. Ever slept while wearing shoes?
  90. What is the perfect age to get married?
  91. Do you like cold weather or hot weather?
  92. Do you do childish things till now?
  93. Have you ever saw an alien?
  94. Do you go for your home grocery?
  95. What is that one quality take makes you unique?
  96. What do you like to do in the evenings?
  97. Do you think you can write a book?
  98. Name the place where you want to go with unlimited money?
  99. Are you into some outdoor activities?
  100. Do you love listening to stories?
  101. What is the reason of your smile every day?
  102. How many times have you been fired?

Random Q&A Questions

  1. Do you remember the name of your Math teacher?
  2. Do you like tattoos?
  3. Is your job being same as your passion?
  4. How many hours do you work each day?
  5. Do you like business or a job?
  6. What is your Favorite coffee?
  7. Do you remember the name of your 1st friend?
  8. What is the most expensive gift you gave someone?
  9. What is your favorite profession?
  10. Do you believe in miracles?
  11. Do you believe in fairies?
  12. How often you use a towel instead of toilet paper?
  13. At what age your grandparents got married?
  14. Did you ever have a secret wish?
  15. Can you donate one of your kidneys?
  16. Are you comfortable with window shopping?
  17. Are you loyal to your boyfriend/girlfriend?
  18. What if you were a zebra?
  19. Do you get up at midnight to pee?
  20. Do you go to the gym?
  21. Do you love cruising on the beach road?
  22. Do you have an elder brother?
  23. Do you remember your dreams after waking up?
  24. What is that one thing that you can’t bear about your parents?
  25. What was the name of your 1st boy/girlfriend?
  26. In your best friend’s name?
  27. Have you ever donated blood?
  28. If you did Ph.D.; What; subject would it be?
  29. What is your favorite tv show?
  30. Do you like doing crunches?
  31. Are you satisfied with your life?
  32. Have you ever told someone I love you?
  33. Do you overthink?
  34. Do you know how to make rice cakes?
  35. The worst dream you ever had?
  36. If you get a chance to meet a person in the world, who would you meet?
  37. Can you defend yourself in case of rage?
  38. If you ever have a chance to work in movies what, the character will you choose?
  39. Can you eat a cactus for $100K?
  40. Does a strange knock fear you at night?
  41. How often you eat seafood?
  42. Do you see a glass half-filled or half-empty?
  43. How many proposals did you get in your entire life?
  44. What is the password of your laptop?
  45. What is that one thing that makes you sad when you remember that?
  46. Do you learn from other’s mistakes or you do your experiments?
  47. Do you have a nickname?
  48. Do you purchase the things you like?
  49. How long do you take to get off your bed?
  50. Do you like hot beverages or cold beverages?
  51. Anything you wish you can do with a finger move?
  52. Do you know your IQ?
  53. Do you have some unrealistic dreams?
  54. When was the last time you cried?
  55. Do you smoke?
  56. Do you obey signals?
  57. How many rooms do you have in your apartment?
  58. Name a familiar friend of you and your brother?
  59. Do you like winters or summers?
  60. When was your 1st breakup?
  61. Do you smoke? if Yes how much in a day
  62. Does your face cut to match with the witch person in your family?
  63. Do you regret doing something?
  64. Do you eat chewing gum?
  65. Are you a debate winner?
  66. What is your favorite drink?
  67. How much can you run in 1 turn?
  68. What is your favorite place for vacations?
  69. Are you a straightforward person?
  70. Do you like cats? What is your cat’s name?
  71. Do you like to learn new things?
  72. What gifts you usually get on your birthday?
  73. Do you sleep without clothes?
  74. How many nights did you keep awake in a row?
  75. Name a friend who never picks the call on time?
  76. Name the person who helped you complete your homework in your childhood?
  77. Have you ever been to court?
  78. Do you play cricket?
  79. What was the most proudful moment of your life?
  80. Do you like intense cardio training or heavy weight lifting?
  81. Who is the person who made you smile yesterday?
  82. Are you annoyed with your siblings?
  83. How long can you kiss?
  84. Have you written your will?
  85. What was the name of your 1st crush?
  86. Name the person who you call most of the time?
  87. What social media platform you use?
  88. Do you watch blue films?
  89. Can you make your coffee in the morning?
  90. Do you like mornings or evenings?
  91. What body part of your is the same as your mother?
  92. Would you like to go 100 years back or 100 years forward?
  93. What is the best thing about your homeland?
  94. What name would you have chosen for you if you could rename yourself?
  95. Do you yell at your siblings?
  96. When was the last time you ordered a pizza?
  97. Name the restaurant with the worst food?
  98. Do you love to grow plants?
  99. Do you prefer to watch movies on holiday or just keep calm and sleep?
  100. How did you imagine the perfect date?
  101. Do you have an impact on your father on your life?
  102. How much you pay for a haircut?
  103. What is your biggest fear?
  104. Do you have an insurance policy?
  105. How often you take selfies?
  106. What you think is best to get married?
  107. Name a friend who always asks a silly question?
  108. How much weight can you lift?
  109. Do you have a creep friend?
  110. What is the full name of your mother?
  111. Do you share your accomplishments?
  112. Do you hear strange voices in the middle of the night?
  113. What do you think about the Bermuda triangle?
  114. What is your shoe size?
  115. How often you offer food to some tourist?
  116. Do you love to listen or read?
  117. Do you hate someone?
  118. Do you make friends instantly?
  119. can you reject 1M $ for your love?
  120. Do you support others with money?
  121. How many continents do you have visited?
  122. Are you afraid of injections?
  123. Do you listen to music in the car?
  124. Do you like dad bod or ripped body?
  125. Is something god gifted to you?
  126. Do you take cold showers?
  127. What is that one dream you wish come true?
  128. Can music change your thoughts?
  129. What habits do you want to change in your near future?
  130. What is your shoe size?
  131. Have you ever been to the north pole?
  132. Would you ever hire someone to wash your poop?
  133. What is the formula of water?
  134. Have you ever peed in a pool?
  135. Are you on a daily medication?
  136. Who is your favorite poet?
  137. Are you an early adapter to tech?
  138. Have you ever had a roller-coaster ride?
  139. If you got a chance to restart your life, from where will you start?
  140. Do you love t-shirts or full sleeves?
  141. Would you like to be a chef for your entire life?
  142. One thing you can’t afford to lose?
  143. If you can save only one who, will you save? Your mom or girlfriend?
  144. If you can delete one thing from the World what it would be?

We have tried to share some really good Q and A questions with you, hope you like them, if you still need more questions , or questions on a specific topic you can comment below this post and I will personally make sure I get them for you!

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