How to start vlogging is considered quite easy than making a presentation or a movie but for a well-structures and attractive vlog, there is a requirement that needs to be fulfilled and factors that need to be considered.

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It adds more value and clarity to the message of the vlogger and allows them to share some special moments of their everyday life. It’s a brilliant tool for sharing creative ideas and personal thoughts.

What is Vlogging?

A vlog is a video blog where people (vloggers) tend to post an informative and creative video in an attempt to connect to their audience. Contemporarily, vlogging is gaining increasing popularity with even celebrities and influencers now starting to enter the industry to connect to their fanbase.

Being a vlogger is easy but a successful vlogger is considerate of many factors but each of them sum combine to depend on the type and the way you want to share your thoughts.

This is why many vloggers tend to fail at the start of their careers because this career is heavily based on someone’s creativity.

So a more important question is how to start vlogging career as compared to how to become a successful vlogger.

Well go through each step in a detailed manner after which you’ll be able to carefully evaluate and plan your vlogging career, and after which you can have a heading to sail towards.

1. Watch and observe other Vlogs.

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There is no point in starting making a vlog whilst not having studied or observed the work of others.

An aspiring vlogger-to-be should first observe the primary elements that are consistent with each vlog that you are familiar with.

Understand the reason why these elements are included and comprehend how one’s going to apply these features in their projects.

Observational studies are highly important when the subject matter being observed is technical and practical. Observing other vlogs would create a virtual template on which all your recurring projects would be designed on and then you would have a signature framework that might become your Unique-Selling-Point.

2. Choose a Platform

how to start vlogging by

Your projects need to be placed somewhere where it can be viewed by a massive audience. In summary, the higher the audience, the more potential of being observed.

The Brand name should be decided and the brand name must be unique and attractive. It should be more relevant to the content you are offering and a bit catchier and should give idea of the kind of content you will be making vlogs about, unlike the others.

This brand would then be used to give your channel the theme and the name.

Once you have decided the theme of your vlog (ie. Product review vlogs, humor or prank vlogs, Beauty or Fitness Vlog, Education and Learning vlog, clickbait vlog), you shall now decide the platform where all your projects would be on display.

The most obvious example is Youtube which is the largest portal for online videos and lives streaming.

It also has a massive audience and the majority of vloggers have their channels registered under this website.

So in addition to its ability to attract larger audiences, it is also the place where you could connect with different vloggers and could exchange different ideas and information.

The account needs to be separate from the personal account and its username should be similar to the name of the Youtube channel. The username should also be unique as should be the name of the channel.

3. Start Filming your Vlog

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After you are done with the planning phase, the most critical phase starts, which is called the ‘Execution phase’.

This is the part where you start filming for your idea by bringing it to a realistic and interactive presentation.

If you’re a vlogger at your initial stage, then dedication and patience are the key elements that you need to digest through this stage.

This is because Filming a Vlog is a very tedious task and requires continuous on-the-spot improvements and innovative implementation of ideas.

Use a Handicam or a Camera equipped with a tripod or a drone for obtaining multiple shots from different angles.

The picture and sound quality should be audible and clear enough for the audience to understand the message. For starters, a smartphone with an above-average camera quality would definitely suffice.

The filming location should be pre-set, and your theme and topic would heavily influence the location for the filming.

It is highly recommended to use good equipment and avoid using sub-standard filming equipment and technologies because these have a great impact on the audience’s focus.

4. Edit, Upload, and Promote.

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When you’re done with the filming, the next step is to edit the recorded clips into a final presentation. This step requires specific video-editing skills that are crucial to the success of your vlog.

This is the phase where creativity and features that engage the audience are added.

After thorough editing, upload the video on your channel and take steps to promote the video.

This could be done by using different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or if there are additional funds available, sponsor your video with different advertisements.

Care must be taken that several ethical standards are needed to be applied when communicating with your audience.

5. Maintenance and Development

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A successful vlog channel should have a library full of various interactive logs consistent with the same them and this objective could be achieved by continuous vlogging and promotion.

This would help to catch the eyes of new audiences to your channel.

Your viewers would then be sharing your vlogs in their social media networks and that’s how you would add consistency to your work

You can also make recurring developments in your vlogging channel through buying more cutting-edge equipment or signing-up with more new sponsors for market development.

Conclusively, vlogging is an easy and interesting choice for those who opt for this as their careers but the definition of a successful vlogging career has a wider scope.

Hence for people wishing to be a successful vlogger, the most important question they should ask themselves is how they could actually start their vlogging career.

After you have answered this question, all you have to worry about is its promotion and ways to keep your audience interested. And that’s how you make a successful vlogger. 


What are the basic requirements to start vlogging?

In the beginning, a vlogger should have 

  • Camera
  • Tripod stand
  • Microphone 
  • Lighting studio 
  • Video editing software

to start vlogging.

Can I vlog with my phone?

Yes, you can,  As a beginner, you can start creating video content by vlogging with your phone.

Vlogging with a phone doesn’t mean that you only have to record video, but one who wants to run a successful vlog, should come up with an idea and plan for proper vlogging.

Why are vloggers popular?

People from different parts of the world are usually connected with Vloggers. One of the main reasons that vloggers are so popular is that they allow people from different cultures and countries to connect with them easily. 

Vloggers share every part of their lives with the world.