How to protect camera from rain!

How much do you love taking pictures? I know that I do! The only thing that could ruin your day is if it rains and ruins your camera. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to protect your camera from the rain so that you can keep shooting in the rain without any worries! 

I’ll show you how to protect your camera from the rain so that you can keep on snapping in the rain and enjoy yourself.

How Can We Protect Our Camera From Rain

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I just bought a new DSLR.

I’m very excited to take great shots with it! However, the only problem is that it rains quite often, and I won’t take any pictures when it rains. 

I come with a choice, either to buy a waterproof camera that’s also not so expensive or to make my current camera water resistant.

The best way to protect your camera from rain is to stop it before it starts raining. You can use an umbrella or have someone hold an umbrella over you while taking pictures if the rain isn’t too heavy. 

However, this will only work if the rain doesn’t get worse and stop you from taking photographs altogether.

Using a plastic bag is cheaper but not the best solution. It usually won’t cover all of your cameras, so it may still get wet in places where your camera is not covered.

It also may make it difficult to access certain control buttons on your camera because the bag will be a hindrance in the way.

There are specialty rain covers for cameras that are made specifically for protecting your camera from water damage. 

These covers usually consist of a clear plastic cover with an elastic band to keep the surface tight around your camera. Rain Covers that provide ease of use along with water resistance are usually more difficult to find.

I suggest asking your friends, going on the internet and searching for “rain covers for cameras” or “camera raincoat.”

These specialty rain covers will keep your camera safe from water damage at a fraction of the price of store-bought covers.

How Can I Waterproof My Camera

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  1. Using a regular clear plastic bag is an easy way to waterproof your camera.
  2.  Specialty rain covers are available at some online stores for cameras, but make sure you get one with an elastic strap around it so that it doesn’t fall off during the rainstorm.
  3. Having someone hold an umbrella over you while taking pictures will keep the rain off you and your camera.
  4. Getting a rain cover made specifically for a specific DSLR camera model is the best way to keep your camera from water damage.

These are simple ways to protect your camera from the rain so that you can enjoy taking pictures when it’s raining outside!

How To Protect CCTV Cameras From Rain

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CCTV cameras are used for security and surveillance, and it is essential that they don’t get damaged by the rain. There are some ways to protect them against rain:

  1. When installing CCTV cameras outside, make sure you install a cover over them. This will keep the rain off the camera.
  2. A CCTV camera can be waterproofed if you fill it with a particular material, but this is only temporary.
  3. Another way to waterproof your CCTV camera is to place it inside an airtight container that will keep the rain away from them.

Make sure that you put some holes in the box for airflow so that the camera doesn’t get hot and stop working.

  1. You can buy unique CCTV cameras that are designed to work in wet weather conditions. These cameras usually have a transparent dome on top of them so that the water doesn’t get inside.

They may also be made with durable materials, so they don’t get damaged by the rain.

  1. Some security companies will install a CCTV camera in an area protected from the rain, so you don’t have to worry about the camera getting wet.

Rain covers for cameras can be purchased at online stores and specialty shops, but they cost more than a simple plastic bag. Remember that you get what you pay for if you choose to buy a store-bought one instead of making your own with a plastic bag.

DIY Rain Covers For Cameras

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Using a plastic bag and rubber band to cover the camera while taking pictures outside in the rain.

  1. Find a large, clear plastic bag and cut off the bottom so that it becomes a tube of plastic.
  2. Wrap one end of the tube around your wrist like you would a rubber band bracelet.
  3. Place your camera inside the tube, and wrap the other end around your wrist as well to keep it tightly wrapped against your camera.
  4. Unfold the bag after taking pictures to access all of your buttons and view the screen.

If you haven’t purchased a rain cover for your digital camera yet, using a plastic bag is one of the easiest ways to keep it dry during rainstorms.

Be sure that you double the bag over to cover your camera, but make sure none of the material touches any of your buttons or view screen.

This will prevent dirt, and other contaminants from entering your camera, making it last longer.


  1. You can use any plastic bag, so it is more convenient than finding the right rain cover.
  2. It will not cost you any money to make your own DIY camera rain cover.
  3. You can easily fold up the plastic bag and put it in your pocket when you are done taking pictures outside in the rain.


  1. If the plastic bag doesn’t fit your camera well, water can get inside it.
  2. It may not be easy to access the buttons and view screen since the plastic bag covers them.
  3. You need to hold both ends of the plastic bag so that it doesn’t fall off of your camera.

I hope this information has been helpful.