The lens is the main component in the camera because the image’s quality depends on it. Sometimes the camera’s lens gets scratched during cleaning or changing. It will be hard to remove deep scratches, but if scratches are not deep, you should remove them using ordinary methods at home. Otherwise, you should contact the manufacturer to fix this problem. After all, if scratches do not repair, you will have to change the lens to get better photography results.

Here, I would like to discuss some ordinary home-based tips to remove the scratches. These methods may remove the scratches totally or partially.

1) Rub With Alcoholic Solution

First of all, you should clean your lens before rubbing to remove the scratches because dust can cause more marks on the lens. It would help if you used a fine microfiber cloth and lens cleaning solution for cleaning purposes. Please do not try to apply the cleaning solution directly to the lens because it can damage it; dip the microfabric in the solution, then apply to the lens gently. Now, wait till it dries out. Take rubbing alcohol and make a diluted solution of 3.5% concentration by taking one part of rubbing alcohol; mix it in twenty amounts of water.

Method To Make A Solution

For example, you have rubbing alcohol of 70% concentration, take 5ml from this, and mix it into 100ml water. You will get a solution of 3.5% concentration.

How To Apply

Now, take a microfibre cloth piece, dip it into a rubbing solution and start massaging gently on the lens. Repeat it and check out the scratches; they will begin to disappear. After this, leave your lens to dry out.

2) Use Petroleum-Based Vaseline

It is available everywhere easily at a low price. Before starting, you should clean your camera lens with a microfibre cloth and a cleaning solution. Then, take an adequate amount of vaseline using a microfiber cloth, start rubbing gently, and repeat this three to four times. Stop, and check whether scratches disappear or not; if you feel some scratches are left, you can repeat the process.

After the procedure, you should clean your lens again using a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution because Vaseline catches dust particles rapidly.

3) Eraser Method

In this method, you need a fresh soft white eraser to eliminate the scratches. Before proceeding, you need to clean the lens. For this purpose, you can use LensePen for better cleaning. Now, take a rubber, hold it firmly, and start erasing in the direction of scratches. You need to rub slowly and proceed with it until you feel scratches disappear.

4) Windscreen Polish Method

Commonly, the car’s windscreen scratched during travelling. We can use windscreen polish to diminish the scratches because both are glass-based. It is necessary to clean the lens before the scratch removing process. You can use either technique, LensPen, or a clean lens solution.

Moreover, windscreen polish may remove scratches altogether and refresh the coating of the lens.

It would help if you used a microfiber cloth to apply the windscreen polish because it works gently on the lens. After dipping it into the polish, rub it on the lens and repeat if need.

5) Toothpaste Method

Clean your lens before removing the scratches to get excellent results is mandatory. You can use ordinary white toothpaste to remove scratches because it has slightly rubbing properties. You can use a delicate cotton bud for scratching or a microfiber cloth. Take a bit of toothpaste with the help of cotton bud or microfiber cloth and apply it longitudinally softly until scratches on your lens are removed. You can use more buds if needed.

After removing scratches, you should clean your lens again with a lens cleaning solution.

6) Camera Lens Repairing Kit

Another option to remove lens scratches is a repairing kit. It contains several hand-held tools and solvents, which can help you repair your camera lens.

You can use this kit to repair your lens.


Can the lens scratch remove?

It depends on scratches; if they are deep, then they may hardly remove. If scratches are shallow, you can remove them using various methods, like the Vaseline method, toothpaste method etc.

Do scratches low the image quality?

Yes, scratches may decrease the image quality, but it depends on the scratches size. If your camera has minor scratches, it may have a negligible effect on image quality and vice versa.

Secondly, focus and contrast may increase or decrease the effect of scratches.