The lens of a camera is an essential and sensitive part of a camera, and it needs very special and great care to give magnificent results in photography. A photographer should need great care of his camera and lens to become an excellent and successful photographer, and he should do this. In photography, we need clear images with no extra spots or marks on them; if so rating of images will fall rapidly.

Here I am going to tell you better but simple ways to keep your camera’s lens clean. These methods are improved, practical and convenient to use. You should apply these methods after using the camera if needed, and after that, you should pack the camera in a polythene bag properly; it will provide extra care to your camera. Cleaning the lens of a camera regularly after use can increase the life of the camera. 

Use a Blower

Firstly, you can use a blower to remove dust particles and residues safely. You should not blow during cleaning because your saliva and breath moisture could increase condensation, which results in stubborn spots on the lens; for this purpose, you should use a blower of good quality. It would help if you used blowers only for cleaning lens to get better results.

how to clean your camera lens by

Cleaning Air Blower Duster for lens without physical contact is the best cleaner with air inlet valve design prevents air backflow from nozzle priced only $8.99.This blower removes dust and erases smudges gently from the soft lens. You can buy this blower online on Amazon.

Use a Brush

Secondly, if you feel some residues and specs on the lens after using a blower, you can use a lens brush for cleaning. We suggest a lens brush with camel hair due to its softness and good cleaning properties. Camel’s hair is thin and less harmful to the lens. Some companies make goat’s hair brushes instead of camels. Keep in mind brushes can pick a lot of needless.

how to clean your camera lens by

Please Do not feel the brush with your hands. It may seem unimportant, but if the oils on your hand get to the lens, it could damage. Use a brush for cleaning gently to get rid of dust particles. Lenses’ brushes are of low price and available easily everywhere.

Use a LensPen

For cleaning the camera’s lens, you can use LensPen instead of a lens brush for better results. LensPen is twice likely to clean the lens as a brush in an easy way. The LensPen tip has made of the softest suitable materials, assembled in a “clean room,” free of unwanted substances. LensPen can remove oily fingerprints and dust better than a brush. The cleaning tip of the LensPen has infused with a unique carbon compound.

how to clean your camera lens by

Carbon molecules have a unique ability to absorb vast amounts of oils and contaminants. LensPen is pocket-size and easy to use and carry everywhere. It is unaffected by temperature, even in the desert heat and arctic cold. LensPens have no expiration date and will provide up to 500 cleanings. LensPens cannot dry out even in complex weather conditions. LensPen original has designed for all-optical devices and 11 cm long with a safety cap having a round concave tip for better cleaning.

Use a Lens Cleaner Solution

how to clean your camera lens by

Thirdly, we can use a camera lens cleaner for this purpose. Most solutions are alcohol-based and evaporate quickly. Only two to three drops probably would not leave any spots or streaks. Do not spray the cleaner directly on the lens; it may damage the lens. To clean up the lens, use lens cleaning microfiber cloth or soft white Tissue because other stiff fabric will cause scratches on the lens. Vius lens cleaner spray gently cleans fingerprints, dust, and oil.

Use Special Microfibre fabric or Tissue

how to clean your camera lens by

When you use camera lens cleaner, make sure you clean it with either a microfiber lens cloth or specific lens cleaning tissues. Don’t use regular tissues as they could scratch your lens. In the market, more recent and cheap tissues are available for this purpose that works. These are safe but for only single use. You can purchase tissues and clothes online.

Disadvantages of Much Cleaning the Lens if Not Need

Lastly, clean your lens as little as possible because sometimes your lens will get a bit dirty, but if you are frequently keeping up with every single spec of dust, you can end up doing more harm than what was there to begin with. Your camera lens is very fragile, so only clean it, if it is of top priority.


Q: How do I perform a dirt test on a DSLR lens?

1) Adjust the focus, set your camera to manual mode. Then turn the focus ring to infinity. Doing so will allow you to see specs of dust in the viewfinder.

2)Look for a smooth surface and take an image of it. For more precise results, make a two-shot approach. Take a photo of both light-coloured and dark-coloured surfaces, so you can easily spot dust particles on the images.

3) Put your camera in playback mode and zoom on each photo, carefully check the pictures for any misty spots or dust particles if you dust, and clean your lens.

Q: What tools do I need for cleaning my DSLR camera lens?

1 ) Air Blower: Using an air blower and a soft-bristled brush can remove as much dust as you can.

2)Add one or two drops of lens cleaning fluid to a microfibre cloth or a cleaning wipe.


3)Starting from the outer part, the lens in a circular motion going to the center and gently remove fingerprints, oil, dirt, and dust.

Q: How can I keep my camera lens clean?

  • Do not forget to contact the lens cap before putting your camera in a bag.
  • Avoid placing the camera in dusty areas.
  • Always contact the lens cap when you are not using your camera. 

Q: How can I avoid my camera lens getting dusty?

Canned or compressed air can blast and destroy the camera lens. If you feel the need to remove the dust from your lens, use a manual blower because a blower is not as pressurized as canned air.