How To Clean A Camera Lens Without A Cleaning Kit - How To Guide

How To Clean A Camera Lens Without A Cleaning Kit!

Despite how well we think we are prepared, there will be times when you will not have all the materials necessary to clean the lens.

Without a lens cleaning kit, what can be done?

Without a cleaning kit, you can keep a camera lens clean with your breath and a microfiber cloth.

For a foggy lens, lightly breathe onto it.

You can effectively remove dirt and oil from the glass using the moisture in your breath.

Using a microfiber cloth, wipe the lens gently in circular motions.

When cleaning the lens, work outwards from the center.

Here we have a guide on how to clean a camera lens without a kit.

Household Items Used To Clean A Camera Lens

There are a few household items you can use to clean your camera lens if you don’t have a cleaning kit.

All the items listed here are likely things you already have in your house, so it is extremely cost-effective!

Using Microfiber Cloth

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In addition to lens care, microfiber cloths can be used for a variety of other things.

Whether you use one to clean eyeglasses, keep track of your watch collection, screen your computer, or even dry your dishes.

The fibres of a microfiber cloth are extremely thin, like a strand of silk.

These cloths are so delicate and soft that they are so porous and yet contain so many tiny fibres for cleaning.

When cleaning camera lenses with a microfiber cloth, any moisture will be wiped away, and any dirt or oil will be lifted.

When you have finger smudges on your lens, a microfiber cloth is the best choice.

Despite the numerous fine fabric strands, it does an excellent job of removing even the most stubborn oil stains.

Using Turkey Baster

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The first step to cleaning your camera lens is blowing away any dirt or debris from the lens.

Because dust particles scratch the lens coating when they are rubbed around, it is important to avoid rubbing them too much.

It is important to blow away any big debris before cleaning the lens in order to ensure they are all gone.

An ordinary turkey baster will work, too, if you don’t have a dedicated lens puffer.

To blow air out of its nozzle, turkey basters have a head that is topped with a large rubber ball.

The initial dust particles will be blown away, but not with the amount of power that a powerful air blast would have.

Using Eye Lens Cleaner

How To Clean A Camera Lens Without A Cleaning Kit by
In order to remove dirt and smudges effectively, you will need a good lens cleaner.

It’s safe to say that at least someone in your household owns eyeglasses, and if there are eyeglasses, there will also be lens cleaners!

Cleaning your eyeglass lenses with an eyeglass cleaner is the same as cleaning your lenses with a photography lens cleaner.

Cleaning your camera with this product is totally safe and does an amazing job.

You do not need to use a lot of alcohol-based lens cleaner.

A single or two sprays will do the trick.

You shouldn’t use a lens cleaner if you want to keep your lens clean.

If you’d like to use a cleaner on your lens, spray it on a microfiber cloth before applying it directly to the lens.

You’ll get a cleaner lens in less time by using a damp microfiber cloth instead of a paper towel.

You can also use the lens cleaning fluid and more.

Using Your Breath

How To Clean A Camera Lens Without A Cleaning Kit by

You can clean a camera lens without a cleaning kit using your breath if you don’t have a cleaning solution.

You build up condensation on the lens when you exhale.
A microfiber cloth makes it easy to wipe away dirt and grime on your lens because the condensation breaks up the dirt and grime.

Despite how archaic this technique might appear, it is one of the most basic tricks that every photographer knows.

My lens has had to be cleaned more than once by me inhaling into it.

Particularly when travelling or hiking, you rarely have the proper lens cleaning kit on hand.

The lungs are always there for you, though!

How To Clean A Camera Lens Without A Kit

I’m going to discuss how to clean your lenses step-by-step, now that you have all of your household lens cleaning items.

Blow Away Dust With Turkey Baster

Before touching the actual lens:

  1. Remove any larger dust particles.
  2. By using a turkey baster, aim the nozzle at the camera lens without touching it.
  3. Blow air onto the lens with the baster and blast away any noticeable debris with the baster.
Perhaps you will skip this step and use your mouth to blow away dust instead.

The lens doesn’t work because saliva is really easy to get on it.

After you clean your lens, your saliva will leave more streaks.

This will lead to more work later on.

Stick with the turkey baster and make your life easier.
How To Clean A Camera Lens Without A Cleaning Kit by

Use Cleaning Solution Or Your Breath

Is Smudgy camera lens ruining all your pictures?

If you blow hot breath onto the lens surface, condensation will cover the lens.

It is necessary to remove oil and grime from the lens before wiping.

The best way to accomplish this is to use a cleaning solution containing alcohol or to blow your nose.

You may achieve the same result using the right cleaning solution as you will with your breath, but each will work equally well.

Use a cleaning solution on your microfiber cloth to spray it once or twice.

Wet the cloth just enough to make it slightly damp but not soggy.

Exhale gently onto the lens element to partially fog the glass if you choose the breath option.

Cleaning may take a few attempts!

Wipe Using Microfiber Cloth

Learn the usage of microfiber cleaning cloths below:

Smudges can be removed with or without lens cleaning fluid, and a microfiber cloth can be used to clean other parts of the camera as well.

To a microfiber cloth or a cleaning wipe, add a few drops of lens cleaning fluid.

From the middle of the lens, wipe it in a circular motion.

You are supposed to wipe outwards from the centre, using gradual, small wipes.

By doing so, you will thoroughly cover the lens and clean any trouble areas.

You would end up with more lens streaking if you used broader strokes, which would require more work to clean.

You should press firmly with your cloth when wiping the glass.

You should feel as if the things around you are being wiped away, but not too much so that you begin to feel like the Hulk.

If oil spots are removed with a firm, consistent wipe, they will disappear quickly.

How To Clean A Camera Lens Without A Cleaning Kit by

Do You Need A Cleaning Kit For Lens Care

Photographic Tips for Mobile Photography Cleaning a camera lens requires special care to avoid scratches and other damage.

By holding the camera or lens one-handed and cleaning the lens surface with the other hand, you may break the lens if you drop the camera. 

Having seen an effective way to clean a camera lens with household items, you may have a question now.

Are our cleaning kits really necessary?

Cleaning supplies do not always need to be packed to the brim when you’re shooting on location.

Furthermore, you likely won’t have time for a thorough clean when you’re on the road go.

Using these tricks to clean a lens without a cleaning kit is ideal for getting rid of grime in less time.

Nevertheless, properly formulated cleaning kits do offer advantages.

A lens wipe, a lens cloth, and an actual puffer will allow you to thoroughly clean all your camera gear.

Cleaning filters and lenses with a cleaning kit can be more efficient, especially after a long shoot.

Ultimately, the method you will choose is based on your preferences.

Your lens must be clean and shouldn’t affect your pictures.


There you have it, how to clean a camera lens with just household items, no special cleaning kit needed.

Without running to the store, you can find the right supplies by using this guide.

For spotless lenses, you can find everything right at home!

When using a dedicated cleaning kit, it is important to balance these methods with those used when cleaning with these methods.

Using actual lens cleaning supplies may be more effective if you are cleaning a lot of your camera gear at once.

While shooting, the techniques in this post will likely be more effective at buffing out an oil smudge.


How can I clean my camera lens with liquid?

A new lens tissue and distilled water is the best method for cleaning camera lenses.

Apply a single drop of fluid to the tissue (never to the lens) and gently wipe the lens surface in a circular motion.

Is it possible to clean the inside of a camera lens?

A lens cleaning cloth is available at camera shops.

Put a few drops of lens cleaning solution on the cloth.

Rub the inside of the lens gently with the slightly dampened cleaning cloth.

Cleaning fluid, A lens cleaning solution removes fingerprints and smudges without leaving any streaks.

What should you do if your camera lens is blurry?

When you want to clean your smartphone’s lens, the easiest way is to fold a microfiber cloth into a triangle.

Remove dust, sand, and fingerprints with this soft, tiny cloth.

You’ll notice an improvement after removing dust from the lens in your images.

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