Three people named Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim had the idea of YouTube and registered it on February 14, 2005. YouTube opened to the public in May 2005, and YouTube attracted 30,000 people per day. The primary purpose of YouTube was to allow ordinary people to share their homemade videos on this channel.

YouTube has become the second-largest search engine after Google. People belong to every field of life, such as TV artists, filmmakers, cooking experts, teachers, homemakers, people in business, and doctors share their videos for creational and advertising purposes.

How To Open Channel On YouTube

Now, it is high time to open your channel on YouTube by following the given instructions.

  1. On the first hand, you need to have a Google account.
  2. Sign in to YouTube by using a google account.
  3. Afterwards, log in by using your Google account.
  4. On the top right side, click on your profile icon, a new window will open. You will click on the “create a channel.”
  5. Next, there are more options, like creating a personal channel or customizing your channel for small businesses or brands. Name your channel.
  6. Upload your profile picture by clicking on the profile picture icon.

Eligibility Criteria Of How To Become A YouTuber

1. Age Limit

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It is a common question about the age limit to be a YouTuber. YouTube suggests children who are at least thirteen years old, but children under thirteen can make their YouTube profile under their parent’s supervision. Moreover, children can use and upload on youTube using their parent’s account.

2. Qualification Requirements

No academic or professional degree is required to make a YouTube channel; you should have a smartphone or camera to produce inspirational and heart-touching videos.

3. Office Requirements

Probably, YouTube is the only channel that requires no Office or specific studio to shoot videos. You can make world-class videos from your home, bedroom, kitchen, or landscapes, but your video stuff should be excellent.

4. Time And Capital Requirement

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You can start at any time in the day or night. Primarily it would help if you had a smartphone and internet connection only.

There are thousands of YouTube channels. Therefore, there is intense competition between them. It is not a hot cake to popular among a lot of media. Consequently, you have to start your channel with great effort. I want to give you some experience-based suggestions to become a successful YouTuber.

Choose Your Lines Of Interest First

The first thing is to choose your interest area correctly, where you would like to work and make stunning videos to inspire your audience. Keep an eye on the audience’s taste and interest daily and update your videos accordingly. For example, a teacher makes videos on any subject on which he has a good grip and command; he should keep in mind his students’ ability and level while making a video; ultimately, students will like and watch his videos. As a result, his subscribers will start increasing.

Define Your Goals Of Channel

Mindfulness and goal setting is crucial to success. It would help if you had vital planning before establishing your channel. Set the specific goals that you want to achieve while running your channel. Goal setting is like two parallel lines which never deviate from their position and run consistently.

For example, a famous Canadian cook named Glen always makes videos on cooking. He has surpassed 7.8M subscribers and uploaded hundreds of videos till now. He has never made videos other than cooking, so he has expertise in this field.

Give New Ideas To Your Audience Always

YouTube viewers always search for new ideas because they are tired of old things and outdated beliefs. It would help if you kept innovation in your thoughts consistently because it will increase your subscribers. You can explain your point from different angles to give style and variety to your videos.

Make A Time Table

The daily routine is crucial in each life field because it gives you many benefits. Subscribers wait for new content. Therefore, you should make and upload your videos on a fixed schedule. Never miss your routine because your viewers miss it.

Required Hardware To Start YouTube Channel


To shoot your video camera is an essential tool, do not worry about it; you can use your smartphone’s camera for this purpose primarily. After some time, you will need a separate camera to cover your viewer’s requirements. To fulfil the condition, you can use new models of Sony and Toshiba with a portable tripod.


To record your voice, you should use a good microphone. A good microphone will record high-quality sound and convey it clearly to your audience.

Video And Audio Editing Tools

To give a good push on your channel, you have to upload fancy videos with a minimum flaw. You will have to edit your videos by using editing tools; readily available on windows and android.

Internet Connection

Lastly, you need a good and fast speed internet connection, which will help you upload your videos without wasting your time. 


What are the requirements to make money on YouTube?

According to the new 2021 policy, YouTube starts a new partner program. According to the new policy, you will eligible for the partner program if your channel has at least 4,000 watch hours in the past year and 1,000 subscribers.

How can I learn and do better after uploading my first video?

Your viewers are your teachers, they will guide you by commenting in the comment section, so you need to read comments thoroughly.