Prerequisites of Vlogging

The most fundamental consideration explaining how to vlog with your phone. It is of utmost importance to determine what type of vlog you intend to create.

Type of Vlog

It could be talking about an issue or info (talking ahead), a demonstration of an action or activity (How-To) or could be on an adventure or reality. This factor would then influence the whole planning of your vlog.


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The quality of your vlog is a major determinant of your audience’s attention

A standard professional vlog requires the need for a high-resolution camera on your mobile device, a tripod, lights, microphone, and a cable or two.

Video-Editing Application

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Different applications are available for both; IOS and Android systems smartphones. However, a competent app that has multiple features could help make your vlog more glossy and professional. You could also purchase premium features of these apps online to give an edge to your content.


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This is the place where your vlog would be streamed by interested viewers. The most common platform is Youtube where you can achieve the maximum attention for your content. There is also a large number of other platforms where you can increase your audience base like Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Metacafe.

Equipment for vlogging

The gear used when questioned how to vlog with your phone depends upon what type of smartphone you are using. The recommended type of smartphone depends upon the technological advancements, the level of your competition that suits your vlogging needs. Equipment for vlogging includes tripods, gimbal, remotes, lightings, and microphones, etc.


As previously mentioned, tripods for smartphones help to give stability to the video while recording. They are used only when you require to record your vlog on a single setting on you’re not on the go. There are different sizes of tripods and the size that is required depends on the type of location where you are recording.

Contemporarily, there are only a few tripods recommended by experienced vloggers:

  1. Peak Design Travel Tripod: coming with a maximum length of 60 inches, it is considered by many as the best in terms of quality, size, weight, and user-friendliness.
  2. Joby JB01496 Griptight Gorillapod: known for its durability and best for budget-seekers due to its low price.
  3. Mefoto Backpacker Tripod: an adequate option for someone who seeks a cheap price with no significant deviations from its competitors.


Appropriate for vloggers on-the-move because unlike tripods, they can’t handle stability. To give stability while you are on the move, use a phone gimbal. The gimbals are available in two different types; two-axis and three-axis which are categorized according to your movements.

Some recommended options are given below:

  1. Zhiyun Crane M2: best for professional vloggers because of their high quality and hybrid feature of complementing smartphones and as well as digital cameras.
  2. Ideally JJ-1S: it is recommended for vloggers on a budget and trying to create different content.
  3. DJI OSMO Mobile 3: the optimum and budgeted choice is considered by many vloggers, it can give you the best service in terms of Value.


The final ingredient to add an absolute steadiness to your vlog is the remote. Remotes are provided to give stability till the end of your vlog because tripods and gimbals would also end up giving interference to your recording whenever you press the shutter button

You can choose through a range of options available but the following options are favored nowadays:

  1. Moment Bluetooth Remote: many vloggers consider it to be the best option. It has a built-in Bluetooth technology but has a price for its outstanding quality.
  2. Bluetooth V3.0 Selfie Shutter: a budgeted shutter remote with good functionality and well-suited for smartphones.
  3. ZTTOPO Bluetooth Camera Remote: available in a two-in-one package, this remote allows a camera to be synced to two remotes at the same time which is quite beneficial if you prefer to have a vlog partner.


You might want to avoid flash when you vlog with your phone. However, you may even require additional lighting in natural lighting outdoors. Hence, to fulfill these lighting requirements for a clearer picture, lightings are available for vloggers that are easily portable.

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The following are the best options you could buy,

  1. UBeesize Ring Light: Also serves as a tripod and can be dimmed according to your requirements.
  2. Profoto C1 Plus Mobile Light: considered by many as the best in terms of quality.
  3. Aputure AL-M9: finest in terms of budget.


The built-in microphone in smartphones doesn’t cater to the need of obtaining the best clarity for your vlog. Noise-cancelling is a feature that is a necessity for every vlog since it’s useless for a viewer to watch a vlog without even clearly understanding it.

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There are many types of microphones. One is which attaches to your phone or tripod, one is a lapel or lavalier microphone that enhances sound quality and the third one is a handheld microphone. According to the market demand, the best options for you are listed below:

  1. Deity V-Mic D3 Pro: best option in terms of quality.
  2. Rode Video Microphone Rode Lavalier GO


How to make vlog on a phone?

You can easily make a vlog on your phone by adjusting its exposure, ISO and metering mode of a video.

Make appropriate settings and you’re good to go for a phone vlogging.

How do I keep my phone camera steady while walking?

The best way to keep your camera stable is the use of a gimble.

How do you shoot vlog?

  • 1st 15 seconds are very important, make meaningful content.
  • Make engaging content because the audience’s attention span is short.
  • Talk directly to your audience.
  • Don’t be scared about how you are looking on camera.
  • Always be yourself.


We have mentioned all the primary constituents for those who ask how to vlog with your phone. In contrast, however, there are multiple additional considerations you would need to follow as this practice is subject to changes in competitive, technological, and ethical requirements.

Changes in competitive requirements could be assessed through observation of vlogging techniques adopted by other vloggers. This observation would help to aid the understanding of changes in technological requirements as technology is a primary weapon to give yourself an edge in the vlogging comm  

Strict ethical requirements however need to be followed when recording and streaming yourself in public, and you may need to consider people’s attitudes and perceptions before bringing them in front of a camera.