This article is specifically perfect for you if you are a vlogger or are planning to start vlogging career. So the first thing you need to know is all the required equipment that you might need for this special purpose and finding the best microphone for vlogging is one of the most important things to do.

You will be amazed to know about even more updated versions of microphones that have recently emerged. Considering the number of vloggers that is continuously increasing along with that the number of new technologies and related equipment is also emerging out.

Here I’ll mention the entire list of best microphones for vlogging available in the most popular production companies that we have tested and found them great for vlogging.

All the mentioned microphones in this article are carefully tested according to their abilities and features. All the information provided is totally authentic. I have done the research very deeply to make it even easier for you to select your best microphone for vlogging.

Top Pick

Rode RodeLink Filmmaker

Budget Pick

BOYA by M1

Value to Money

Audio-Technica AT8024


Here I will provide you with a list of best microphones for vlogging purposes along with their important details and specifications.


1. Rode Wireless Go


Main Features

  • Transducer type: it has a pre-polarized pressure transducer.
  • Form: it has a click on pack format
  • Polar pattern: It has an Omnidirectional polar pattern.
  • Frequency response: it can hear sound from 50Hz to 20KHz.
  • Power source: it has an in-built lipo battery rechargeable via a USB system.
  • Supplied windscreen: it has a furry-supplied windscreen.
  • Weight: it is very compact as the receiver and transmitter both weigh 31 grams per piece.
  • Measurement: it has 44x46x18.5 mm each in measurement.
  • Lead size: it has a short lead size of 3.5 mm to connect it to the camera.

Ok ok, I know this is one of the favorite mics of most bloggers, the reason being so handy and small. 

When I saw this mic I was like is this thing even capture good sound? Then I tested this mic for almost 3 days and my mind was completely changed, this microphone is a blessing for bloggers, with its omnidirectional condenser mic it can capture the sound in a pretty accurate manner.

It is so lightweight that I carried it to my home without knowing that I am taking a microphone.


Q. What makes it wireless?

It does not need to be attached to the camera via USB cable or any other wire instead can be connected wirelessly through the signals to the camera. Moreover, it has a rechargeable battery that means it does not need to be connected to an electrical socket all the time for functioning.

It is indeed rated as the best wireless microphone for vlogging. So I decided to test the battery life of this microphone, I fully charged it and then started recording a video, time passes and it took me one day to drain it completely, the total time I used this microphone was 6 hours and 37 Minutes.

Q. How does it work for both the interviewer and the interviewee?

Its receiver and transmitter both have separate clips and built-in mikes but still, it offers sockets for connecting more lavalier, ties clips, microphones that you wish to connect to it. This makes it the best microphone for interviews.

Whenever I and lisa have to record a one-to-one podcast we mostly use this microphone. and it works great for us in a quiet room.

Q. What type of vlogs does it suit the most?

As it is an excellent miniature wireless mike system that is totally portable so it is the best kind of mike for travel vloggers even when they want to record audio at a distance more than a few feet or even when the surrounding is crowded.




I would rate it as a specifically best microphone for vlogging in the genera of traveling since it is portable as well as wireless and can work in areas where there is no electricity through its rechargeable battery.  This makes it an expensive recording instrument that one must opt for in case he has a good budget. On top of that one thing that makes me love this microphone is it wirelessness.

best microphone for vlogging infographic by

2. Rode Rodelink Filmmaker Kit


Main Features

  • Transducer type: it has a condenser transducer type.
  • Form: it has a wireless lavalier format.
  • Polar pattern: it has an Omnidirectional polar pattern.
  • Frequency response: it has an audible frequency range from 35Hz to 22 kHz.
  • Power source: it works and gets charged through a 2X AA battery or microphone USB port.
  • Supplied windscreen: it has a pop shield from of supplied windscreen.
  • Digital transmission: it performs 2.4GHz of digital transmission with 128-bit encryption.

If you are looking for something with a high bit rate and higher noise to signal ratio. this microphone would be my go-to.

I love the way this system keeps checking the hops all the time it is working.

On top of that, you don’t have to wait for the batteries to get charged. Just put new cells in it and you are good to go.

I love this feature as I am always in a hurry to go somewhere, I usually don’t have time for my gadgets to get charged, I usually do all my charging things when I am driving back home.


Q. What are its major components?

It has three basic components that are the receiver, the transmitter, and a high-quality lavalier microphone.

Q. What allows it to be carried all around the world?

Since it has a transmission of 2.4GHz with 128-bit encryption, thus it does not need a license to be carried around anywhere in the world which makes it the best microphone for vlogging.

I came into some issues when took my higher frequency microphone to poland last year, the licence process is very hectic and not worth at all.

Q. Does this kit enable multi channels to work at once?

It allows about eight channels to work at the same time without interfering with each other.

I dont have eight channels so I have tested this with 6 channels and it was working absolutely fine without any issues at all.




I would say It is an excellent and unique miniature wireless microphone system that is totally portable and can be carried in the whole of the world without a license this makes it the best microphone for vlogging. It is the best small microphone for vlogging. However, it is not very budget-friendly but you can opt for it in case you have a good budget.

3. Saramonic Blink 500 B2 2 Person Kit


Main Features

  • Transducer type: it is a kind of condenser as a transducer.
  • Form: it is in lavalier format.
  • Polar pattern: it has an Omnidirectional polar pattern.
  • Frequency response: it has an audible frequency range starting from 50 Hz to 18 kHz.
  • Power source: it has a built-in li-ion or an excellent USB cable.
  • Supplied windscreen: it has a foam windscreen.
  • Weight: due to its compact size its transmitters weigh just 34 grams each.

Dude, just look at the size and the compactness of this microphone, it just snaps right on your collar.No extra hooks, No Extra hustle.

Just snap it on, and start recording.

It was very easy for me to set up this mic with my Sony a7 III. When I read that this thing can last for 6 hours, I instantly took this thing from our battery test.

And Surprisingly it did last for 5 hours and 34 minutes. With his small size lasting for such long periods is just not less than a blessing.

BTW I have already ordered 2 of them for my team 😉


Q. What is the value for money system that this microphone offers?

It is the ability of this microphone to work and provide the facility of dual transmitters at a very reasonable rate.

I have not seen any other microphone providing dual transmitters in this price range.

Q. Can it directly be connected to the camera without the TRS cable?

The hot-shoe mount accommodates the clip of the receiver but if you feel like connecting the receiver directly to your smartphone wirelessly instead of using TRS cables. You can record directly to the camera.

I was okay using this microphone, as usually I don’t like messy setups but this one comes to be a clean one.

Q. How does the manual pairing up of units save time?

It synchronizes and pairs the units manually by pressing down the buttons this can be said to be beneficial since it speeds up the operation and the setup time. and I totally agree with it, I don’t like going in some kind of app and synching both transmitters, this thing solve one of the major problems.

Q. What makes it the most sold microphone?

The biggest specification that is preferred by the vloggers and I like the most is that it allows two people to get recorded in a perfect manner and can be the best kit if you want to have dual-channel receivers for recording interviews.

Both of you and your partner remain comfortable the whole time.




This microphone can prove to be the best for people who want a twin microphone system or require two people in one vlog. This makes it easy for them as they can record audio without changing microphones with each other. However, once its battery gets permanently dead it’s all over and the mike cannot be re-used. This can prove as the best microphone for vlogging if you have a low budget and dual audio to be recorded.

4. Insta-microphone Pro


Main Features

  • Transducer type: it has a condensing transducer type.
  • Form: it is present in a lavalier format.
  • Polar pattern: it has an Omnidirectional polar pattern.
  • Frequency response: it has an audible frequency ranging from 40 Hz to 220 kHz.
  • Power source: it has a built-in li-ion power source system.
  • Supplied windscreen: it has an optional wind jammer windscreen.
  • Internal memory: it has a built-in internal memory of 8 GB.
  • The capacity of internal memory: it has an excellent capability of the internal memory to record 16 hours of audio at 48 kHz or 24 bits mono that makes 7 hours at 48 kHz or 24 bits dual mono.
  • Weight: this tiny little microphone weighs only 18 grams.
  • Measurement: it has a mini measurement of 38 x 25 x 13 mm.

Just look at this microphone, how small is it, it fits, perfectly in your pocket.

I love this cute little thing, and I was amazed when I came to know this thing last for 14 hours, I instantly tested it out and found the battery is actually very good, it lasted for 13 hours and some minutes.

Live stream features are just amazing, usually, I have to stream live on my YouTube channel. and with this microphone, it was pretty easy.

The best thing about this microphone is you can use it under water, now you dont have to worry about rain or water splashes. Now I can vlog under water with this microphone.



Q. To what extent is the insta-microphone water proof?

Containing this unique feature the insta-microphone is magically waterproof up to a depth of one meter holding on to the IPS 67 rating.

And I have been playing in the pool with it and it was working fine after I left the pool.

Q. What kind of vlogging can insta-microphone be suitable for?

This microphone works the best when you have multiple cameras to operate and constantly start and stop and you want to record the audio externally. This makes this microphone the best microphone for vlogging of all kinds. You dont have to switch wires, you can simply shift from one camera to the other camera and you are good to go!

Q. What are the unique features that this microphone offers?

This microphone has a one-year warranty for you to satisfy anAd indicate all its functions like battery and charging and other volume unit meters. I have not claimed the warranty personally but I have talked to some people who have claimed the warranty.

And they said the company is pretty good in customer support.

Q. What versions of this microphone are available?

This excellent product insta-microphone pro currently has 2 versions that are a mono version and a stereo version. The mono version has a 4 microphone array while the stereo version has 2 microphone arrays along with 2 later microphones.

We only tested the mono version and we have a positive vibe about it.




I can easily recomend this as the best microphone for vlogging in case you are looking for a durable waterproof microphone. Its quality of being waterproof is more remarkable in case you’re a travel vlogger and you can shoot in all conditions and weather.

However its battery cannot be replaced this indicates that once the battery is damaged you need to buy a new microphone for yourself.

This is what dont happen usually, I am using this for 4 and half months now and its working fine.

5. Boya BY-M1


Main Features

  • Transducer type: it has a condensing transducer.
  • Form: it has a lavalier format.
  • Polar pattern: it has an Omni directional polar pattern.
  • Frequency response: it has an audible frequency range from 65 Hz to 18 KHz.
  • Power source: it has an incorporated LR44 battery.
  • Supplied wind screen: it has a foam wind screen.

Whenever I have to suggest a cheap mic for vlogging, I undoubtedly go for Boya BY-M1.

This mic is easy to use and easy to carry. I still remember many times I kept this mic in my jacket pocket as a backup mic when I forget the primary mic.

The company claims the sound sensitivity of the mic to be 30 DB, but what I have found after using it for 3 and half months, it around 38.

So keep this in mind if you are going to purchase this mic.

If you ask me I will recommend this thing as a backup mic that you can easily carry around everywhere.

Setting up this thing is not difficult, you just have to plug this in and start recording. No synchronization and stuff like that are needed.

I was amazed this cheap mic comes with a lapel clip and a windscreen.




Q. What is LR44 button cell for?

This microphone is wired that contains a switchable power resource. It contains an LR44 button cell that requires another plug-in power device to perform functions like on and off.

However I never used that feature, I always relied on the basic default system.

Q. What are the major attractions of this microphone?

I would say it is a sold microphone with an additional lapel clip and has a windscreen in a foam format which helps to reduce the wind and environment noise.

Tought the quality don’t feel premium to me, but it does the work.

Q. What kinds of vlogging is this microphone suitable for?

This kind of microphone can be considered as the best microphone for vlogging only in case that you are not planning to do professional vlogging, however, I would totally recommend this microphone for those who are just starting things. Since it does not have wide-ranging and is not the best kind of professional microphone.




I would say this is the best microphone for vlogging for beginners who are looking for an ordinary microphone to carry out basic audio recording functions and are not at a professional stage. This microphone can help them practice at the initial stage being very balanced and cost-effective.

I know when you are just starting things, you may break the microphone once or twice, this thing is not expensive, so you can do your experiments with this.

6. Sevenoak MicRig Stereo


Main Features

  • Transducer type: it has a condenser transducer available.
  • Form: it has a stereo-only format.
  • Polar pattern: it has a wide field stereo polar pattern.
  • Frequency response: it has an audible frequency ranging from 35 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • Power source: it has a 1xAA battery incorporated in it.
  • Supplied windscreen: it has a furry windjammer windscreen available.

So you need to record professional quality while not carrying a heavy microphone setup,  I can blindly recommend you this setup.

I was amazed at how good this microphone works with, DSLRs, Mirrorless Cameras, and GoPro’s.

This is my go-to when I have to take multiple cameras with me, but I don’t want to take multiple microphones for them.

This microphone setup comes with massive wind screen, I personally don’t like the sound of wind coming in my videos. But this microphone with its thick windscreen makes sure there is no sniffing noise in my videos and I like it.

The portability of this microphone is very good, I can easily take it where I want.


Q. What are the unique features of this stereo microphone?

This excellent microphone offers a unique stereo microphone that is incorporated or inbuilt inside the camera rig-cum-stabilizer.

This enables it to transfer anything from a smartphone to a DSLR. It is still one of the best microphones for vlogging DSLR.

However, it plugs into the camera manually through a supplied lead and is not wireless. 

Frankly Speaking the quality of sound you get with a wired one is not equal to one that is wireless, so that is not a deal-breaker for me at least.

Q. What is a furry wind jammer best suitable for?

It has a unique furry windjammer windscreen integrated into it so that it can easily be used in windy or even breezy conditions.

It has another low-cut filter that switches so that it can illuminate the bass rumble. But personally, I always used this thing to reduce the wind noise and bird’s chirp noise.

Q. What battery does it incorporate?

It functions on a sole AA battery which is not at all weighted. However, the rig provides an easy-to-handle situation due to the flexes that are made up of plastic even under the weight of a DSLR.

Q. What makes the microphone look so bulky?

This unique microphone has a ¼ in a thread at the ground base of a thumbscrew made up of plastic that covers and mounts whole the camera. This makes the whole microphone very bulky.

But it didn’t feel heavier, It was just normal as other microphones. Its looks bulky just by looks.




I would categorize it to be the best microphone for vlogging for those vloggers who do not want to use a tripod since it is a kind of hand held microphone but has an amazingly wide stereo field which can be used by very professional vloggers.

It still may cause a bit of problem for travel vloggers since it is quite heavier and bulky in size thus can be difficult to carry along everywhere.

7. Audio-Technica AT8024


Main Features

  • Transducer type: it contains a condenser transducer.
  • Form: it has a shotgun format.
  • Polar pattern: it has a polar pattern of cardioids mono as well as stereo pattern.
  • Frequency response: It has an audible frequency range starting from 40 Hz to 15 kHz.
  • Power source: it has a single AA battery.
  • Supplied windscreen: it has foam as well as furry windscreen present on it.

Being lightweight is one of the most exciting feature of this microphone.

I love this microphone due to its adjustability with almost every DSLR and most shoe-equipped camcorders.

According to my experience, this is a directional microphone, that will capture sound from the direction to which it is pointed. This reduces the noise and the ambient sounds.

This microphone is powered by ad AA battery which lasts pretty long.

I found this microphone to be very feature-rich and valuable to money.

I have tested both the stereo and mono mode of this microphone, both of them work pretty well.

There are 2 windscreen options, I always prefer a fussy windscreen which will help me get some really clear audio from the microphone.


Q. How does the microphone allow switching between both polar patterns at once?

Since it has a rubber mounting around it so that the microphone can be insulated from the camera and handling noise can be illuminated, it then asks the user to pick up patterns according to their requirements for either the widefield stereo or the cardioid mono.

I prefer using mono as I like that more, however it is completely up to you what you opt.

Q. Is the price worth its features?

Being the most expensive microphones in the market these days it is still among the top-selling microphones because it offers extensive broad and unique dual features like the dual polar pattern and dual windscreen types. It is considered the best microphone setup for vlogging.

I don’t see anything more value to money than this microphone. 

Q. How is the microphone attached to the camera?

I usually attach this microphone with any camera by the port available on top of the camera. and then I don’t have to worry about it. Simple is that.




This can be said to be the 100% best microphone for vlogging since it is excellently equipped with all the required features along with extra qualities and capabilities. However in case you are a professional vlogger this microphone can perfectly suit all kinds of vlogging be it interior or exterior or any kind of stormy environment with zero distortion. But looking at the other aspects if we are calling it the best microphone for vlogging due to its extremely professional features simultaneously it is very highly rated and the most expensive microphone to be bought. In case you have a very good budget this is supposed to be your number one priority.

P.S: I am using this microphone as my main vlogging microphone.

Best Microphone for Vlogging Based on User Review

Moreover, I have also provided the hyperlinks for all the products, links are provided from authentic sites where you can buy these products right away.

Such passions like travel vlogging and other kinds of vlogging are being opted by different people as a profession too nowadays. Vlogging has become even the best in quality and usage due to the use of the best microphone for vlogging the quality audio.

I’m sure you have already had enough of surfing through the internet sites in order to get the best, authentic, and to the point information regarding the best microphone for vlogging.

You are still looking for your best microphone for vlogging so that you can shoot and capture all your wonderful sightseeing and other content along with the best audio quality not only into your brain but also into the camera’s memory so that you can recall and playback everything.

Final Words

It is a fact that nowadays the market is enriched with countless and unique microphones for vlogging purposes. These three companies mentioned are the basic manufacturers for the best lens for vlogging.

There are many people who nowadays are opting for vlogging as a profession or as a passion. These best microphones for vlogging help them create perfect high-quality content to help them follow their passion. Audio-Technica AT8024 is so far the best microphone suggested for vlogging.

So if you’re one of those or you are wishing to start vlogging as a career or passion this is a perfect article for the best microphone for vlogging that gives the most updated account for the bests microphone for vlogging and their best versions and according to your required budget. So I hope this has finally helped you make your final decision. Good luck!


Like all the other technical equipment and technologies microphone is also one of the technologies that have its own jargon. So before presenting to you the best microphones for vlogging it is important to explain the basic microphone terms and their important details.

What is polar pattern?

It is basically a direction or frequency of a microphone to pick up a clean sound. It differs due to its design and use. In other words, we can say that the focal length of a lens is the polar pattern of a microphone.

What is an Omni directional microphone?

It is a popular pattern of lavalier microphones as it clips to the speaker’s clothes so that even if the speaker moves it would still record audio. This kind of microphone has the ability to pick audio from all around the capsule. Most of the time the speakers clip it in an upside-down manner to avoid the breathing sound and other extra environment audio effects.

What is a frequency response?

Since sound waves are measured in hertz that are usually the cycles per second. Since we know that sound waves are carried through the air so it is important to know that how many vibrations of wave in an air molecule are produced in a second to generate a note. They are most of the time measured and shown in the form of low-frequency ranges to high-frequency ranges or we can say low tones to high tones. The perfect frequency response of the range of a human speech is about 100 Hz to 8 kHz only then the microphone will produce the best natural audio recording.

What is phantom and plug in power?

Most of the condenser microphones need power generation to perform so the mixing disc, field recorders, and video cameras offer the users to insert the microphone with a switchable socket that is also called phantom power. This fuels the microphone’s electronics so the microphone further does not need any electric power generation. The other kind of enthusiast condenser microphones also require electric power generation but they use batteries for this purpose or use other standards having a low voltage that is called plug-in power PiP.

What is a shotgun microphone?

It is a microphone that has a barrel-like shape and has a pattern of hyper-cardioid pick-up. These microphones are the best microphone for vlogging since they are used widely in all kinds of filming and TV production industries. They are unique since they are not clipped on the speaker instead they are placed on the camera so that they only record the sound of the person whom the lens is focusing. It also has an additional telescopic boom pole with it that helps us to place the microphone near to the source.

What is a lavalier microphone?

It is the most miniature form of a microphone or the smallest condenser microphone that is clipped to the lapel so that it is the maximum closest to the mouth of the speaker. It is also known as a ti-clip mike since they have a perfect audio quality and are becoming a default microphone for TV presentations and other interview matters. The head-worn mike is another subset of a lavalier microphone that is easily hidden in the speaker’s hair or clipped around the ear so that it is not much visible. This keeps the microphone in a perfect position even if you keep moving.

What is a large diaphragm condenser microphone?

It is the most common studio type of microphone which is very common for use in voice-overs and other vocals in the field of music. It has the unique quality of being a powered condenser microphone since it records perfectly high frequencies as compared to other unpowered heavy microphones. It consists of a large diaphragm that cleanly records all the audio. They are mostly told and sold to be the podcast microphones that have the ability to get plugged into a computer using a USB cable. However, they are the most expensive kind of microphone.

What is a boundary microphone?

It is a kind of microphone that is used for conferences and has a high audible frequency range such that it is placed in the middle of a table where we do not know from where or from which direction the speech will come. It otherwise is also used in a studio to capture live audio. So this article will also tell that what is the best directional microphone for vlogging.

Why is a microphonerophone necessary for vlogging?

Vloggers are the people who share their beliefs, ideas, and experiences with all the other people so if you are planning to start vlogging and wish to have your own slice of potentially lucrative vlogging pie. The two necessary pieces of equipment that you will require even at the initial stage are a camera and a microphone.

Many of the special purpose vlogging cameras already have a built-in microphone in them but to have the most audible and quality audio separate professional microphones are attached along with the camera to avoid distortion.

Having a very good professional camera for vlogging is not enough because you would need the best microphone for vlogging so that you can perfectly record the sound.

Types of microphones

Microphones exist in various different forms, specifications, and features. Some of the most common types of microphones are:

  • USB microphones
  • Camera microphones
  • Lavalier microphones
  • Handheld recorders
  • Smart device microphones
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