Are you secretly passionate about action vlogging and looking for the best action camera for vlogging?

Or looking to casually vlog while walking down the street and witness amazing quality results? Well, this article which incorporates the best action camera for vlogging, is for you!

We have jotted down all the impressive qualities the best action camera for vlogging possess and compiled it all for you to make an informed decision.

We understand how it is such an extreme of a hassle to individually look up for cameras on the internet when you do not even know the cameras’ names to search for. Hence, we researched your ease and jotted down all the specifications one necessarily needs to know before making a purchase.

Top Pick

Sony RXO Mark II

Budget Pick

GoPro Hero 7 White

Value to Money

Garmin VIRB XE


If you look closely, it is more of an investment than a purchase. By getting your hands on the best action camera for vlogging, you could easily take a stroll at the park. Simultaneously, click random photos and record casual videos and add quality to your vlogs.

If you are an introvert yet fond of coming in front of the screen to talk about your life and people Worldwide, the below-listed cameras could be of major use to you. Their size is so small that they could fit right into your pocket.

While making a vlog, you would not have to carry huge cameras and summon unnecessary attention. With these cameras, you can easily click any photos, or record videos, anywhere, anytime.

However, the prime decision of getting your hands on the best action camera for vlogging needs to be keenly considered. If you fail to buy a camera of your desire, you will regret it throughout.

So what are you waiting for? Please scroll down and make the most of our research on the best action camera for vlogging only for you!

10 Best Action Cameras For Vlogging

1. GoPro Hero 8 Black


Main Features

  • The camera is very light and easy to carry with only 126g.
  • It can shoot in 4K resolution at 60fps, 2.7K at 120fps and 1080p at 120fps.
  • The camera has 12MP.
  • Provides a bit rate of 100Mbps.
  • Has a GP1 system chip.
  • SuperView, Linear, Narrow, and wide digital lenses are available.
  • It gives Burst shooting mode at up to 30fps with options of up to 10 seconds.
  • It allows time-lapse shooting.
  • Timewarp shooting at up to 30x recording speeds.
  • Night lapse at up to 30 seconds with up to 30 minutes intervals.
  • The LCD touch screen size of this camera is 2 inches.
  • The GoPro Hero 8 Black is waterproof and withstands around 10m of depth.
  • Voice control is also available on this camera.
  • Comes with a removable 1220mAh of lithium-ion battery.
  • It has a Hyper Smooth 2 stabilizer along with high boost options
  • Auto HDR processing.
  • Using the Mobile Application, the camera can do live streaming.
  • Portrait mode and auto orientation.

GoPro Hero 8 Black is extremely light to carry and gives excellent quality results. It is the best action camera for vlogging since it gives 12 MP resolution and boosts shooting which further adds to its already remarkable features. It is waterproof and can easily function underwater.

Please find a detailed description of its features, pros, and cons to get full knowledge about the product.


Q. Can GoPro Hero 8 be used as a webcam for my computer?

The GoPro application allows it to use the live streaming feature, making it an excellent choice as a webcam. You can even use this camera over skype and/or zoom. Once I had to make a skype call, I used this camera as a webcam for my laptop and experienced that the image quality was good.

Q. What formats can GoPro Hero 8 shoot in?

The camera can shoot in JPEG and RAW formats, but the camera saves a JPEG format image even when choosing to shoot the image in RAW format.

Q. What size of micro SD cards can I use on GoPro Hero 8?

This camera supports Micro SDXC cards which means it is compatible with up cards as large as 1TB cards which are the largest cards available right now.

Q. Can you use GoPro Hero 8 with an external power source without the battery?

If the camera is plugged into a power source via USB-C cable, In my experience, it can work fine even without the internal battery. The battery is there just in case the external power source stops flowing.




This is HERO8 Black—the most versatile, unshakable HERO camera ever. A streamlined design makes it more pocketable than ever, and swapping mounts takes just seconds, thanks to built-in folding fingers. Its portrait mode and auto orientation are what make it stand out from the crowd. This one is the best vlogging action camera for teens. Its functions are straightforward to learn and produce fantastic results whenever operated.

2. GoPro Hero 7 Black


Main Features

  • The camera has 12MP.
  • It can shoot at 4K resolution.
  • It has SuperPhoto installed.
  • The image stabilizer is HyperSmooth when filming videos.
  • The camera is quite rugged and is waterproof to 10m of depth.
  • Allows live streaming.
  • It can use timewarp mode with a stabilized hyperlapse.
  • You can use SuperPhoto in this camera and adjust the images to make them finer and sharp.
  • Video resolution is set at 960p.
  • It can record short clips with 15 and 30-second clips, making it easier to share them on social platforms.
  • Can film videos in portrait orientation.
  • The camera has been recently updated and improved when it comes to the electronic stabilizer, now called HyperSmooth.
  • You can now use the image stabilizer even when recording in high resolution at 4K and 60fps.
  • The fast video bitrate is available at more resolutions.
  • The menu system in the camera was made more convenient.
  • HEVC is now also available for all resolutions and framerate combinations.


It is the best action camera for vlogging that also supports 4K video resolutions. It runs extremely smooth and hardly ever lags. If you want to take photographs while casually wandering outside, then this one is for you.

Please find a detailed description of its features, pros, and cons to get full knowledge about the product.


Q. Can you tell me the video bit rate of GoPro Hero 7?

79 Mb/s is the maximum video bit rate of this camera which is similar to the previous version. But it only allows this bit rate at high-resolution modes, it is lower when using other combinations.

Q. What are types of video files does GoPro Hero 7 create?

The camera creates files in .mp4 extensions and has two formats available.

H.265 HEVC is a new codec that is not widely compatible, creating small files with good quality.

H.264 AVC is an older codec but is widely compatible.

Q. Can you use GoPro Hero 7 as a webcam?

You can use this camera during video calls as well. The GoPro application allows it to use the live streaming feature, making it an excellent webcam choice. You can even use this camera over skype and/or zoom. Once my friend had to make a skype call; he used this camera as a webcam for his laptop and experienced that the image quality was good.




Capture high-quality audio when you connect an external professional-level microphone to your GoPro with the Pro 3.5mm mic adapter. We observed its super-friendly user interface and its light bodyweight, carrying multiple fascinating features that attract customers. This camera has made its way to the best vlogging action camera for kids. It is effortless to use; hence, it can also be operated by kids.

3. DJI Osmo action


Main Features

  • The camera has 12MP and a 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor.
  • It has a field view of up to 145 degrees with a 2.8 aperture.
  • It has a dual LCD. The front one has a 1.4-inch screen, and the rear one has a 2.2-inch screen.
  • There is a touch screen on the back LCD with 300ppi.
  • It films at 4K video resolution quality with up to 60 fps. Full HD and HD are also available.
  • Produces images in RAW and JPEG formats.
  • The battery is 1300mAh and takes up to 80 minutes to get to full charge.
  • Weighs around 134g.4

DJI Osmo action gives 12 MP resolution and has a CMOS sensor attached which further enhances its results. Its peculiar quality is that it comes with two screens that vary in size but radiate equally excellent visual display.

Please find a detailed description of its features, pros, and cons to get full knowledge about the product.


Q. Can you tell me about DJI Osmo action battery in detail?

The battery has a capacity of 1300 mAh which takes up to 90 minutes to charge fully. The camera can go on for up to 130 minutes when shooting videos in 1080p at 30fps with rocksteady turned off. It worked for up to 60 minutes when recording at 4K resolution at 60fps with rocksteady turned on.

Q. Can you transfer files from DJI Osmo action to your smartphone?

You will need to connect your camera to your Osmo Action, and then you can easily export the files from your camera to your smartphone.

Q. Does DJI Osmo action capture in RAW format?

Yes, the camera can take pictures in RAW format. You will just have to set the format in settings.




Osmo Action’s dual screens allow you to capture it all with the touch of a button. Unleash your other side with Osmo action’s dual screens and rock steady stabilization letting you capture it all. We observe this camera supports RAW format and capable of recording 4K videos. Its quality of surviving underwater working smoothly has helped him retain its position and become the best action camera for vlogging.

4. GoPro Hero 7 White


Main Features

  • The camera has 10MP.
  • The waterproof casing protects up to 10 meters. When we perform our water test on the camera, there is no effect on the camera’s casing.
  • LCD screen size is 2 inches with a great User Interface.
  • There’s an In-Built electronic image stabilizer.
  • You can shoot vertically.
  • There’s a photo timer mode on this camera.
  • It can shoot short clips, which is convenient when posting on social platforms.
  • Allows recording videos in 2x slow motion.
  • You can share the shot videos or images directly to social platforms using the GoPro application.
  • The camera can be controlled by voice. We observe the voice recognition system in the camera features so that it can determine voice and operate according to your command. 
  • You can set it to auto-transfer, which will transfer your shots to your phone.
  • Enable QuickStories.
  • Allows auto backup to the cloud.

GoPro Hero 7 White gives 10 MP resolution on a 2 inches wide screen which is enough to get a good look at the image. It has a waterproof casing to survive underwater, but the casing is long-lasting and can be dipped as deep as 10 meters underwater.

Please find a detailed description of its features, pros, and cons to get full knowledge about the product.


Q. What is the maximum video resolution of GoPro Hero 7?

The camera can shoot in 1080p, which is its maximum resolution, and does not support 4K video recording.

Q. Does GoPro Hero 7 shoot in RAW format?

The GoPro Hero 7 White camera does not support and shoot in RAW format.

Q. Can you transfer files to your smartphone on GoPro Hero 7?

Unfortunately, there is no camera app available to transfer files on this camera, and you will have to do it using a card reader.




The GoPro Hero 7 White is the perfect partner of any adventure camera and has water resistance and dustproof, so it allows you to carry this camera any you go. Its intuitive touch screen makes it simple to get more great shots. For a camera at this price, this camera displays some amazing quality results. It does not support RAW format, but the files can be converted to the desired format via various sites. This one is the best cheap camera for vlogging that holds some of the excellent functions.

5. Sony RX0 Mark II


Main Features

  • The camera has 15.3MP with a 1 inch RS CMOS image sensor.
  • It has a 24mm wide field of view, as we observe when I take a random photo of my friend with this camera using wide view and was amazed to see its clear image.
  • It has a tough waterproof body. We have performed a water test on this camera and know that this camera can stay in water 33 feet down without any effect on this camera.
  • The LCD screen size is 1.5 inches with tilting articulation.
  • The ISO sensitivity ranges from 125 to 12800.
  • Can record in super slow motion at 960fps.
  • It can film in 4K video resolution at up to 25fps.
  • The camera is also crush-proof can tolerate weight of up to 200kgs.
  • Battery life is about 1 hour.
  • The aperture of 4 with a 24mm lens.

Sony RX0 Mark II with a 1.5 inches wide screen gives 15.3 MP resolution and has an RS CMOS sensor attached to modify its output. It is the best camera for vlogging since; its small size is appealing to those looking to capture casual but vivid moments in their cameras.

Please find a detailed description of its features, pros, and cons to get full knowledge about the product.


Q. How do I enable the image of Sony RX0 Mark II display on my mobile phone when I turn on my camera?

We observed that the images will not be displayed on your mobile device if you use the Camera Power ON button on the Image Edge Mobile application since it is using a Bluetooth connection. To access camera settings or transfer images to your mobile phone, you will need to connect to your camera via Wi-Fi.

Q. Where can I get the Imaging Edge app of Sony RX0 Mark II?

You can download the Imaging Edge application, which is updated by Play Memories Mobile, from the Imaging Edge Mobile website.

Q. How to edit the image size when saving an image of Sony RX0 Mark II to the smartphone when using the PlayMemories Mobile app?

First of all, you have to access the Play Memories application and go to the menu. Select the image quality option and click on your preferred image size. The application gives you three options you can choose from; Original, 2M, or VGA. Select your desired preference and then exit the menu.




We come to know by our tests that the RX0 II’s extra rigid super duralumin body and ultra-compact dimensions make great shots easier to take even in the toughest situations. It radiates perfect sound quality that is extremely clear to the ears and is so sleekly designed that its anatomy would be the first thing to catch your eye before the image and video quality it gives. It has incredible 15.3MP images and an internal 4K video composed on the 180° tilting LCD. And this would be your deal point regarding this camera.


6. Olfi One.Five Black


Main Features

  • It provides video resolution quality of 4K, Ultra High Definition.
  • Can also record beautiful videos in 1080p at 60fps.
  • The camera can be connected to an external microphone to enhance audio quality.
  • There is a digital image stabilizer present that can take well steady shots.
  • It can be connected to your smartphone via the Olfi mobile application.
  • The Olfi mobile application allows editing, adding music, and other features to your videos in-app.
  • The Sony Exmor R Sensors adds to creating sharp shots even in hazy or foggy weather.
  • The waterproof body protects the camera about 30m of depth.
  • It has a rear screen, and the user interface on the LCD is very intuitive and easy to use.

Olfi One. Five Black is the best action camera for vlogging. For starters, it gives 4K video resolution, which is quite rare for a camera at this price. It also records videos in 1080p at 60 frames per second and gives you fantastic quality results.

A detailed description of its features, pros, and cons getting full knowledge about the product.


Q. How do I use Olfi One.Five Wi-Fi features?

Download the Olfi application on your phone via Playstore or Appstore. Switch on your camera and go to the settings options. Enable Wi-Fi access, connect it to your phone, and there you go!

Q. Can I use my Olfi One. Five as a car dashcam?

Yes, definitely. Turn on the car mode through the main menu, and you’re good to go. Once I use this camera for my car as a dashcam, and it works well provides a clear and vivid image of the objects.

Q. What does the eye symbol mean on Olfi One.Five LCD screen?

The eye symbol says that you have distortion correction enabled. And is used to fade the fisheye effect.

Q. Why is my Olfi One.Five not turning on?

Make sure your battery is charged. Press the power button and don’t let it go until you see welcome written on your screen and restart the camera after removing and reincorporating the battery.




The Olfi 2nd gen one. Five action camera offers excellent quality video and photo resolutions as well as a large range of settings to bespoke the camera to your individual needs. It is the best action sports camera for vlogging since it can capture vivid videos with maximum sharpness and excellent quality. Rearview Screen for playback and easy navigation, as well as a wide range of Settings and Modes available to bespoke the camera to your individual needs, unique features have boosted it up to the best action cameras for vlogging.

7. SJ Cam SJ 8 Pro


Main Features

  • Able to record 4K videos.
  • Has Ambarella H22
  • Has a long-lived battery of 1200 MAH.
  • Has a Type –C USB port.
  • Comes with a touch screen.
  • It has a lens of zooming it 8 times.
  • Includes remote control.
  • Has F 2.8 of aperture.
  • Has a focal length of 2.8 mm.
  • Can produce images in both RAW and JPEG format.
  • Its battery lasts for 90 minutes to record 4 K videos.
  • Has a 12MP lens.
  • Includes Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • A 1-chip CMOS sensor is attached.
  • The screen size is 2.33 inches.
  • Includes a status display.
  • Has image stabilization.
  • Has a built-in mic and speaker.

SJ Cam SJ 8 Pro also supports 4K videos and Type –C USB, and so is the best action camera for vlogging. Its features include Ambarella H22, smart screen, and F 2.8 of the aperture, further enhancing its output quality and compels the customer to invest in it.

A detailed description is below about its features, pros, and cons to fully understand the product.


Q. What memory cards go with SJ Cam SJ 8 Pro Cameras?

The 16GB and 32 GB with high quality writing speed and class 10 minimum are the perfect fits for the camera.

Q. How can I connect SJ Cam SJ 8 Pro with mobile Wi-Fi?

You will first need to install SJCAMZONE software on your phone. Look it up on the Google Play Store or App Store to download it. After switching it on, click on the Wi-Fi key on the camera and enable it. Now type the name of the Wi-Fi in your camera and connect it with your device.

Q. Why does SJ Cam SJ 8 Pro start to produce so many files after I record only one video?

You might have left the time-lapse function on. Check if this is the case. If yes, then disable it, and you are good to go. Once I face the same situation and also my time-lapse function was ON.

Q. Can I attach a USB to SJ Cam SJ 8 Pro?

Yes, SJCAM allows USB attachment but only for type –C.




I have experienced that SJCAM is the best budget action camera for vlogging. It has Wi-Fi connectivity included at this price and is filled with uniquely designed features to upgrade its quality. In addition to this, it is cumbersome and so can easily be carried anywhere for vlogging. SJ8 PRO brings innovation to hardware, software as well as a new experience in operation. 4k 60 and 1080p 240 videos enable stunning slow-motion playback of your highlights.

8. Garmin VIRB XE


Main Features

  • Includes a widescreen video capture.
  • Has a CMOS sensor attached?
  • Produces files in JPEG format.
  • Its enclosure color is black.
  • Has a sensor of 12.4 MP.
  • Produces Digital Video Format in H 264.
  • It can be submerged into the water to 164 feet.
  • Comes in black color only.
  • Assists the accommodation of miniSD card.
  • 128 GB Memory card is the limit.
  • The screen size is 3 inches.
  • Weighs 5.35 oz.

Garmin VIRB XE gives the results in JPEG format. It is known as the best action camera for vlogging since it produces excellent results with its CMOS sensor that it comes with. Its sleek design in black color alone will appeal to you and get you curious about its functions.

A detailed description of its features, pros, and cons getting full knowledge about the product.


Q. What is the use of VIRB tracking in Garmin VIRB XE?

It lets you find your camera back in case you lose it. It will show you the last location where the camera was found working. My friend lost his Garmin Virb XE, but its location was ON, and he tracked the location with IRB tracking of this camera and easily found it.

Q. How is Garmin VIRB XE’s video quality?

We observe that it record pretty smooth videos in 1440p, 720p 120, and 1080 p60. It will record every detail with sharpness and will have you obsessing over its remarkable results.

Q. Is the image quality of Garmin VIRB XE worth it?

After researching this camera, we realized that it has high definition footage at 1080p/60fps, 12-megapixel photos at up to 30fps, and captures even more of your action with G-Metrix to enhance its image quality. It is the best action camera for vlogging.

Q. Can I use Garmin VIRB XE under water?

Yes, with the water test performed, we realize that it can dive into the water to 164 feet and work perfectly fine. 




Garmin VIRB XE performance action camera shoots high definition footage at 1080p/60fps. It is the best vlogging action camera for kids 2021 since it is elementary to operate. The rugged and compact camera fits every activity and all conditions with a waterproof rating of 50meters. You would not even have to explain it to the kid because it is easy to figure out themselves. It can also work underwater so that you can capture wonderful shots into your camera too.

9. YI 4K Action camera


Main Features

  • Records 4K videos.
  • Long-lived battery life. Its battery is rechargeable and works for 120 minutes straight.
  • Has a smart screen.
  • Gives 12 MP of photo resolution.
  • Set on a timer.
  • Includes Widescreen Video Capture.
  • Comes with a G sensor.
  • Has an Ambarella Image processor.
  • Has a Pearl white Enclosure color.
  • It comes with an Exmor R CMOS sensor
  • Has a lithium-ion battery.
  • Supports a 128 GB memory card.

Yi 4K cameras can record 4K quality videos. It comes in pearl white color, which is extremely appealing to the eye. It has a G and CMOS sensor attached to enhance its output quality. Its lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and lasts for a good amount of time.

Please find a detailed description of its features, pros, and cons to get full knowledge about the product.


Q. How can you zoom in on Yi 4K camera?

When you look at the image, spin the control to the right and press the zoom-in intensity you require.

Q. What is Yi's action camera?

I realize YI 4K Action Camera presents immersive footage of you and your world. It is an action camera with a 16MP resolution and an Exmor R CMOS sensor attached. Refer to the article to get a detailed idea about its features.

Q. What is a 4K action camera?

We observed that a 4K action camera is usually compact cameras that are waterproof to some extent. They have a CMOS sensor that adds to the quality of their results. It is also able to record videos in HD, time-lapse, and burst mode.

Q. Are cheap action cameras any good?

I will be frank and told you that don’t be fooled by a camera’s price. The main thing to notice while purchasing a camera is its specifications, image, and video quality. If these are good enough, every camera is worth the money.




It is known as the best action camera for vlogging. This action camera can combine 4K30 video recording, integrated touchscreen and up to two hours of battery life is a little difficult to operate, though. YI 4K Action Camera is the most advanced technology to provide maximum Fidelity, Versatility, and Ease of Use. Still, once you get the hang of it, it is the best camera to use for vlogging when you’re not a professional and looking to polish your skills.

10. Sony HDR AS50

best action camera for vlogging

Main Features

  • Has a sensor resolution of 11.1 MP.
  • 18-22 mm of focal length.
  • Includes digital image stabilization.
  • Its white balance modes include auto, custom, and preset manual.
  • It has a built-in mic, speaker, and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Supports USB Micro-B.
  • Has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery of 1240 mAh.
  • Weighs 59.5 grams.

Sony HDR AS50 is totally worth your money and lives up to its user’s expectations. It has 18-22 mm of focal length with digital image stabilization and 11.1 MP sensor resolution. With these remarkable features, who wouldn’t call it the best action camera for vlogging?

Please find a detailed description of its features, pros, and cons to get full knowledge about the product.


Q. Can an external mic be connected through the USB to Sony HDR AS50?

The camera includes a 3.5 mm port for microphones but does not support USB inclusion. And we often observe that the external mic is connected to avoid noise distortion.

Q. How long does the battery record for Sony HDR AS50?

I had Sony HDR AS50 and observed that the battery of this camera records for 125 minutes.

Q. Will Sony HDR AS50 stop motion animation?

Use the time-lapse mode to add intervals; otherwise, it will not pause motion animation. 

Q. What are the viewing angles of Sony HDR AS50?

When we studied this camera, and realized that there two such angle settings. The wide mode will give a fisheye effect, while the Narrow mode will give a stiffer framing surfacing vivid quality.




Our observation concludes that it is the best action camera for vlogging since it produces excellent quality results. Action Cam turns everyday experiences into extraordinary memories. Add a Live-View remote for flexible, wireless viewing and control. Its long battery life and its ability to display pictures with different effects sprinkled on it make it the best.

Best Action Camera for Vlogging Based on User Review

Final Words

Now after reading our article you have complete knowledge of the best action cameras for vlogging, I hope you make a reasonable choice. Only you know yourself the best and have the ability to decide the best for you. These suggestions have been given taking under consideration every aspect of the action cameras so you are not misleading anywhere before making an informed decision.

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